Wide Plank Pine Flooring Installation and Consideration

People in modern times prefer to get a much more original house, and that is why we are here to give you a guide about the wide plank pine flooring. This flooring utilizes a wide wooden plank which is taken from a pine tree has about 3 inches in wide or more.

This flooring looks gorgeous in the natural style house, but installing it is another problem. This type of flooring is known to be one of the most difficult to install.

Essential wide plank pine flooring guide to know

If you are looking for the best wide plank pine flooring ideas that you can use then, there are plenty of then. Unfortunately, even if you do have one flooring plan in mind, you cannot just use that planning because there are steps to follow first.

Before you can use that idea, there are things that you need to considered first and here are the important considerations:

1. Space and the size

Knowing how much space is available and how much material you would like to use is critical and should be the first one to be taken into your consideration.

Installing the wide plank pine floor is not an easy task, but they also cost you money since the standard wide plank pine flooring cost about $500. If you have a large room to fill, then you will need to buy enough material to fit all the dimensions.

2. Choose the right type of wood

Although the species of the wood is pretty clear, the pine wooden plank also comes with different kinds of different features and characteristics.

It is crucial to browse each category one by one and after you checked all of them, get one that not only suitable for your room, but it also durable enough about the environment where you live.

You should also buy some first just to test the different finishes and see whether or not after you are done with the finishing, the pine plank will look as good as you think.

3. Check the quality

Pine plank is not cheap, but that does not mean that you should resort to the cheaper alternative. Get the one with the highest quality; there are three different grades available:

  • Select grade
  • Premium grade
  • Natural grade

4. Check the widths

After checking the type and degree, it is time to check the dimensions of the plank. This check is an important process because it will affect the whole visualization of the room and how much money that you will need to pay. It goes without saying that you should not go installing plank with random widths.

5. Finished or unfinished?

This is the last thing that you should consider. Do you want the flooring to be finished or you just left it out there like that? Remember also that while you can do the finishing yourself, it is preferable to go it to the professional.

The unfinished floor looks a lot natural but is a little rough while the finished wide plank pine flooring is smooth without a level.

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