Unfinished Basement Lighting: Styles and Inspirations

Unfinished basement lighting is the essential element if you want your basement having industrial style as the recent trend of interior design. Whether your basement hasn’t been finished for real or you let it have intentionally unfinished look, the placement of the perfect lightings will instantly define the vibe of your basement.

unfinished basement lighting

Unfinished basement lighting inspirations

Some interior design inspirations for unfinished basement look light below should help you style your basement.

Red Cork Bar unfinished basement

The primary purpose of this unfinished basement look resembles the design of a bar with cork and red materials as the main elements. With the unfinished look of the ceiling, the basement should be conceived as cozy as possible with a minimalist design combining earthy colors and only maroon as the brightest shade. For this design, you need to combine several unfinished basement lighting. First, you can hang three or four general incandescent bulbs above the bar desk. In the corner of the room hang a big fluorescent lamp. Hang as well few small compact fluorescent bulbs on the other side of the chamber. As for the ceiling lighting, you can attach some LED bulbs.

Minimalist black basement

Minimalist design is perfect for an intentionally unfinished basement look. One of the idea to make it perfect is by leaving some raw materials in the unfinished basement. You can paint the high open ceiling with black colors. Put only necessary furniture in the basement so it doesn’t look too busy. As for the unfinished basement lighting for this style, you can only install several LED bulbs in the ceiling. You can also hang some pendant lamps for addition.

unfinished basement ceiling lighting ideas

Urban basement

You can set an unfinished basement to be a warm and cozy place to gather up with friends and family. First, you need to color the wall gray and installing gray carpet. Put only few furniture in the basement like built-in wardrobe, a small desk, sofas, and ottomans. Choose earthy tones such as dusty cream, beige, and shades of gray for the furniture pieces. Let the ceiling exposed in its raw materials and hang several flame incandescent bulbs on it for the unfinished basement lighting option.

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Modern unfinished basement

Having industrial vibe in a modern basement is not impossible. Unfinished ceiling and the lighting are the key to tone down the contemporary basement with a minimalist style to look industrial. Show the exposed raw materials of the roof and design it to be low ceiling instead of the high ceiling. Hang some wires and put structural beam for the lighting.

unfinished basement track lighting

Large unfinished basement

A large basement can be a multi-functional space to do many activities down there. Here, you have many options to add furniture to space. From a sofa, bookshelf, Foosball table, to a billiard table and a bar. Despite completed with many types of furniture, you can still design the interior with industrial style.

The perfect combination is a medium tone hardwood for the floors, medium tone brown marble for the wall and unfinished black ceiling. The touch of incandescent bulbs on the roof for this unfinished basement lighting will only make it perfect.