Tips before Purchasing Outdoor Wall Lighting

Exterior design of home should be able to give a great first impression before entering the home. Especially in the night time, outdoor wall lighting play the most important role to welcoming your guest with a warm glow and inviting mood. Follow the tips below how to choose this exterior lighting before you start to purchase one.

Choose the Right Size

The common mistake on choosing outdoor wall lightning is purchasing a too small lighting fixtures. Measuring the size of the lighting fixtures is the first thing should do. For example if you choose lighting for front door, the good proportion rules are:

  • Install a single lantern or wall lightning for the front door with fixtures that has 1/3 the height of the door.
  • For two lantern on either side of the front door use fixtures with 1/4 height of the door.

Choose the Matching Colors

As well as like choosing the color scheme for interior, outdoor lighting fixtures’ colors also should complement the overall exterior color scheme and looks. For example, black will match perfectly with any kind of situations, while white lighting fixtures will stand out with dark painted-house with white trim. If you are looking for the earthy tones for natural like style, fixtures with bronze, black gold, black coral, or marbleized mahogany is the best option.

Choose the Style that Complement Your Home Features

Different home has different architectural features, so your exterior lighting should follow it. For example, if your home has modern design, you can choose porch light. But, if your home has classic countryside style, lanterns is the perfect match. Choose the fixtures for front door firstly because the rest will follow it.

Measure the Mounting Height

The normal mounting height of exterior lighting is about 66” above the threshold that mounted slightly above eye level on most houses. If you have a higher door height you should install the fixtures higher than 66”.

Choose the Wattage

For outdoor lighting, the ideal wattage is 67-75 watts of incandescent light or 20 watts of compact fluorescent lighting per fixtures. If you use bigger wattage or brighter bulbs than the normal one, it will increase detract and glare from the fixtures, even worse in the home with clear glass. Wattage is the last consideration; instead you should focus more on the style and size of the fixtures.

Installing the Outdoor Wall Lighting

The possible area to install the fixtures is including front door, garage doors, back doors, or deck/patio lighting. Front door is the first priority installing exterior lighting. For other areas such garage door and back door, you can choose a smaller fixtures than front doors. Install the fixtures on each side of the door that still complement the overall exterior styles. And for patio or deck, fixtures with 25-40 watts will give more comfortable and engaging lights to spend a night while enjoying a cup of coffee under the moonlight.

Not only impressing your guests, but outdoor wall lighting is the perfect match to light up your activity outside your house, especially in the summer night. Having a barbeque party or simply enjoying the sunset in your terrace, the perfect lighting can support any moment.

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