Tips of Basement Renovation Ideas

Do you want to have a good basement? Basement renovation ideas will be the best solution for you. If you have a basement in your home but it can’t fulfill your expectation, you should think about basement renovation ideas. But before doing renovation, you should know the tips about it and some ideas to make your basement fulfill your criteria. Here, some explanation for you.

How to Renovate a Basement

When you decide to renovate your basement, there are things should be considered. The followings are the things you should consider before doing renovation:

  1. Before renovating your basement, you should determine what type of basement you want. A basement can be family room, game room, reading room and other. The best way to renovate your basement is make the space of basement become flexible place, so you can change the basement as your need.
  2. If you have low budget, you can use drop ceiling for your basement, but it makes the space feel much smaller.
  3. To maximize the space in your basement, you can choose the built-in shelves and storage. But, don’t put many built-in storage or shelves because you just need to make your basement look so simple but attractive.
  4. To make your basement feel really inviting, you can create an open stairwell. It will connect the upper part of your house and lower part of your house and allow the light to come into your basement.
  5. If your basement is cold, you can add good quality carpet in your basement.
  6. Use the panel for basement wall to make it become good looking and also can’t contaminated by dirt or mold.

Basement Renovation Ideas

There are so many ideas about basement renovation. You can choose the best one which is perfect for your expectation. Here, some recommendation for you:

  • Modern Basement. A basement with gray wall combines with light hardwood floors. For lighting, it uses the lighting which is layered, combines with ambient lighting augmented by accent lighting and task lighting.
  • Industrial Chic Basement. This is a contemporary basement which looks so simple with white wall and ceiling. The basement has high ceiling. The space is used for play room and TV room. The hardwood floors look so perfect with the basement, combine with good quality carpet.
  • Whiteland Basement. This is a traditional basement that has accent lighting. Completed by bar, beige walls and hardwood floors make it so beautiful and good looking.
  • Basement Family Room. This is a basement with a bookshelf and dining room furniture. For your recommendation, you can make a basement family room that has light color palette and good lighting. Hardwood floors are recommended to make it become so perfect and beautiful.

Those are some tips for renovating your basement. After reading the article above, you may find the steps to renovate your basement and know about the type of basement you want. You can decide what the steps should be done and what the type of basement renovation you will choose to get the best basement for you. Finally, I hope the article about basement renovation ideas above will be helpful for you.

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