The Possible Wonderful Finished Basement Ideas

Do you want to improve your basement but you don’t have any idea yet? You don’t need to worry about that because you can just check the finished basement ideas here. One of the ideas can be your favorite idea and you can apply it to get better finished basement at home than before.

Contemporary basement

The simple one is contemporary basement. In this basement improvement program, you just need to add your basement with several contemporary accessories. For example, you can apply brown carpet. Then, combine the brown carpet along with gray wall. If you want to create warm and romantic basement, you can just add fireplace. A ribbon fireplace design will be a perfect option to increase the sense of contemporary theme. In short, just use specific color such as white, brown, gray, black, and many more. It is better to apply neutral and classic colors for your finished contemporary basement.

Traditional basement

What you need for your basement is comfort, tidy and cozy zone. If it is so, you can just apply traditional finished basement. Let say, just paint the wall with gray or white color. To give the sense of traditional zone, you can combine the gray wall with hardwood floor. It is necessary to choose dark hardwood floor. If you also want to put a fireplace in your basement, it is good to apply brick fireplace with standard or old fashion design. To make it has better texture, don’t forget to use sofa pillow with strong patterns.

Basement for family

There is a case that you want to create a room for family. If it is so, just choose to create a basement for family. Because it is for family, you need to put a big size and comfortable sofa set there. Just bring something which makes you and your family fun in this basement. Let say, you can bring a white bookshelves. It is also necessary to install television or home theater set in this basement. Don’t forget to put a thick carpet or rug there so you can sit anywhere you want freely and comfortably. For the color, you can use neutral colors such as white, blue, light brown, and many more. Don’t use too much bright color because it makes your basement looks crowded.

Basement for hobby area

In contrast with basement for family, you also can create a basement for doing your hobby. In this case, the basement will be quiet area. Let say, you love billiard. If it is so, you can just improve the finished basement just like your favorite billiard center. Hardwood floor along with smooth color and small lighting are a great option to create a comfortable basement for doing hobby. Of course, you can apply for any kind of hobby. Just make sure that your basement can accommodate your hobby.

So, which one of finished basement ideas you want to choose and apply at home? Or you have your own idea? The most important thing is that you have reference to trigger yourself to improve your basement.

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