Standard Countertop Height for Kitchen

Standard countertop height must be something to consider to make you feel quite comfortable while preparing the foods on the countertop. As we know, countertops in the kitchen are not only functional for storing the appliances, but also for making the foods, cooking, washing the dishes, and doing other duties in the kitchen.

The countertop height could be different based on the ergonomic comfort of each owner. Even the standard height has been determined for different surfaces of the kitchen countertop; you should consider your needs and personal preferences to measure the height.

standard countertop height

Standard Height of Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen’s standard countertop height is 36 inches. The standard height and the average people sizes become the factors to design kitchen appliances and cabinetry so provides comfortable height for work. The measurement isn’t exact because the applications of tiles or stones can add ½ to 1 inch of height. There are some materials like Formica that have the closer height to the standard.

Countertop Height for Shorter and Taller People

For the shorter people, the standard height of kitchen countertops may be too tall, so they can’t work comfortably with it. They commonly customize the work surfaces, appliances and cabinets of their kitchen in different height.

To determine the proper height for a kitchen countertop, you should consider the rule; the bending elbows make 45-degree angle when you rest the hands on the working surface. Those who have a shorter body than average people, commonly find their comfortable height about 32 inches for the countertops.

On the other hand, the standard countertop height makes the taller people bending over the working surface. Such cooks should raise the countertop’s height to the more comfortable height; about 38 – 39 inches higher.

So they can feel the ergonomic comfort while working in the kitchen. If you spend more money to customize the countertops to be greater or lower, it must be worthwhile because it gives comfort while working.

typical counter depth

Countertop Height for Disables

The disables, or those who use a wheelchair must need the different height of kitchen counter. Wheelchairs have standard arm height about 29 inches. It means the ideal height of the working surface is about 32 inches. To make it comfortable while cooking, the height of the countertop should be adjusted to the needs.

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Countertop Height for Eat-In Bar

The eat-in bar is a favorite feature found on the kitchen island. If you are going to make this feature, you should raise the height of the countertop from standard countertop height about 36 inches to a higher height about 42 inches. It will allow the bar stools fit the counter surface and provide a comfortable room for the legs and knees underneath the table.

Therefore, the key to design kitchen countertop in the correct height is determining the way of how to make it comfortable enough for working, preparing the food, or doing anything on the counter surface.

The personal needs may also determine the height of the kitchen counter; your body height or certain feature had in the kitchen. So, consider your needs before deciding whether you can use the standard countertop height or not.