Standard Bar Height Tables: Pros and Cons

Standard bar height tables have the pros and cons. Hence, before you pick the perfect table for your need, it is important for you to know the differences between standard table height and bar height. We should be well informed about the different in standard bar height. The standard height table ranges from 28 inches to 30 inches, and the bar height table ranges from 41 inches to 43 inches.

standard bar height

Now, let’s wait no more and start checking out these pros and cons of standard bar height table below!

The Standard Table Height

For the standard bar height table comparison, we can start with the lower one, the standard table. Now, let we start by talking about the pros and the cons of standard height table!


  • More varied options. The main advantage point which will benefit you the most is the standard size of the table itself. Holding the ‘standard’ status means that most tables are designed in its height. By then, you have a lot of options for the styles, designs, finishes, sizes, and also the price of the tables. Not only you have a varied selection of the table, but you will also be offered with various choices for the chairs. Standard height table accommodates the standard height seat as well. Therefore, you are more at leisure to find the perfect pair for your table.
  • Accommodate the Physically Challenged People. Not only many people feel more comfortable to sit in a standard chair because their feet can touch the ground, but the standard height table will also be the most convenient type of those physically challenged people.


The only con for standard height table (although it’s no problem point though) is that it looks too formal. It may look better for a formal themed dining area but not a choice for more relaxed one.

standard breakfast bar height

Bar Height Table

We’re continuing the standard bar height table comparison, by first reviewing the pros of bar height table and continue with the cons.


  • Perfect for Tiny Space. The tall table with the tall bar stools gives an illusion of eating up less space than the standard table. Hence, the counter height table is a perfect choice if your dining area tends to be not too large space.
  • Casual Atmosphere. Bar height table can bring up a super casual and relaxed atmosphere to your dining area. This height table gives more convenient for you who love to dine in less formal vibe. Besides, it can blur the difference between sitting and standing, making the conversation works more fluidly.


  • Not Suitable for Disabled People. Bar height tables can only match the bar stools which height is in the 28 inch to 30-inch range. The seats are so tiny and tall; it will be very inconvenient for the physically challenged people.
  • Less choice. The next con of bar height table is that it less common than the standard one, hence your option is very limited. But it must not be a huge regret as most bar height table are designed in modern minimalist style.

So, that’s enough for the comparison between the standard and bar height table. After knowing the pros and cons point of standard bar height tables, now you can choose which one you need the most.

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