Stainless Farmhouse Sink Buying Guide

Sink is an important place to do the work in the kitchen. Nearly 60% of time spent in the kitchen is to conduct business over the sink. However, providing food, wash, and cut that should be the activities carried out as efficiently as possible because none of the appliances in the kitchen that can replace you to do so. Good space utilization, ergonomic design and easy to clean.

Several manufacturers involve the various functions and solutions into all product design with incredibly high quality. The purposes of the sinks, including stainless farmhouse sink, are crucial, namely as a place to cleanse your family eating utensils. Their kitchen sink at the home kitchen is making the look more clean and tidy. Here are some factors before buying the kitchen sinks

stainless farmhouse sink

Size and Depth Factors

Just like the others, you need to adjust the size of the tub that will be used with the dimension of the kitchen is available. The smaller the kitchen in your home, have a tub too should not be too big. It is useful to save space while creating a proportionate decor.

Besides the sizes, you need to take into account of the depth factor of a stainless farmhouse sink. With the shape of the container, the sink has an average thickness ranges from 20 cm to 25 cm. Adjust the depth of tub with some furniture that will be washed at a time. Keep in mind; the sink depth will affect the amount of water splashing out.

stainless steel double bowl farmhouse sink

Stainless Farmhouse Sink Material Factors

There are quite a lot of materials maker of sinks, which all have their respective advantages. For example, the great stainless steel tub is easy to maintain, durable, and looks attractive but can be prone to scratches and stains.

While iron porcelain material looks charming and shiny thanks to a layer of enamel paint on the surface, but it can rust if not polished regularly. It is different with solid surface material that is famously expensive and luxurious, but not resistant to high temperatures.

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There is also the use of natural stone that the more beautiful and durable sink, but the weight of the material is classified as massive. The acrylic tub is known corrosion resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and economical. On the other hand, the acrylic tub is easy to expand and crack if constantly in the kitchen in warm climates. Whereas, for composite materials, more temperature-resistant and easy to clean, but they were very expensive.

There is a wide selection of stuff for the kitchen sink such as stainless steel, porcelain enamel, solid surface, acrylic, composite, natural stone such as granite and marble. But the most popular material because of its durability, easy care enough commercial price kitchen sink is made of stainless steel.

white farmhouse sink

Number of Bowls and Installation

Generally, in a set of sinks consist of one to three bowl. Because each bowl will take the room, then the amount must be adjusted to the size of the kitchen. To narrow kitchen, you can use a single manifold tub bowl. While like most fitting double bowl frequently applied if you’re cooking while washing dishes. Well, for this type of triple bowl, this type would be very appropriate when applied to the kitchen is always busy to use.

Besides the number of dishes, you also need to consider the installation. When you select kitchen sink can also be based on the method of installation. Some are staying put in the hole of the kitchen set, mounted on the bottom of the table, connect with the surface of the cabinet, as well as deliberately highlighted to the outside. Different installation would have caused the impression and various forms.

stainless farmhouse kitchen sink

Bowl Kitchen

There are several options on the number of the bowl at stainless farmhouse sink, from single bowl kitchen sink up to the triple kitchen sink. Single bowl kitchen sink is the right choice to be applied in the kitchen which has a limited area.

The second option is the Double-bowl Kitchen Sink, very precise so the choice if you have a kitchen area that is full enough. The shape can you vary can be both the sinks as large as it could be that one bigger and smaller sizes adjust to your taste and needs. Bowl kitchen this allows two people to do different jobs, for instance, a person washing dishes and clean your food.

And the third option is Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink, namely the sink with three holes, usually consisting of two large sinks with a tub amid the small size for additional purposes.