Shipping Containers Homes Idea

Do you want to build a home? When you want to build a home, you may feel confuse to decide the design. Having a nice home with a great and unique design is what every people who are going to build a home desire.

Every people have their own style in designing a home.

You probably have dreamed your house with your touching style. You do not have to confuse if you do not have any idea for the new house style and design.

You may ask the professional to make the style and design or look for it from magazine or any other sources as your reference in selecting the style and design for the house.

Nowadays, there are a lot of home style and design development and creative idea for the home. One of them is shipping containers homes.

Do you interest?

This is a unique and different style and design of the home. Besides the concept is different, the material is also different.

This home ideas use shipping containers as the main material. Usually containers are used for property and the others things, but now it can be used as the main material of a home.

It is built symmetrical, and the shape is like a block which is combined as one.

Building the containers home is simpler than the common home. Moreover, you do not need a lot of materials; you may only use containers as the material or combine it with the other material which is common for building a home.

The important thing you must have is creativity in designing the containers so it will be comfortable to be stayed and has artistic touching on it.

For the reference, you may apply this shipping containers homes idea. The first is containers home which look like a wooden home; it is a simple home with flexible porch from tent.

Add some window by removing the part of the containers which will be use as a window and then apply usual window and make the air ventilation.

Paint all over the outside of the containers using paint with wooden color, as for the interior you may décor it as you like with some are the public area like living room and private area like bedroom and the other rooms.

For the modern design, you may make creative imagination and make it real. Combining more than just one containers and have different design in every room for every containers.

You may also build it in one floor or more than one floor just like a containers home which build by an architecture firm in Copenhagen, they build a containers home by pile up three containers.

The steel skeleton of the container is used as the steel skeleton of the house, and then it is covered by wood on all over the home.

It is very nice with the interior design using white color as the theme color and placement some furniture make it comfortable to be stayed.

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