Shipping Container Office as Latest Trend for Your Business Office Theme

Nowadays, the container becomes a favorite material for people who are looking for unique house living design. The container commonly uses as a material for house design; these containers are usually utilized for an office building to display an industrial atmosphere. For those of you who have limited funds, the container material can be your alternative options that offer you various benefits.

4 Advantages of Shipping Container Office

Below are the lists of benefits by building a shipping container office.

  1. Cheap construction and maintenance cost. Not only because you do not need to spend cost for cement, bricks or any other supporting material that commonly used for conventional buildings, but also you can create a workspace for easy maintenance. Container material is also very durable; even it is proven earthquake resistant. Well suited to be built in developing countries like in Indonesia, which often occur natural disasters such as an earthquake.
  2. No license for permanent buildings permit. You can cut your cost and time for registering your office building, due to the nature of container itself is moveable.
  3. Mobile design. Since the container is moveable, it can help your business to keep mobile while you can always bring your identity sticks with your shipping container buildings. Having a shipping container office somehow gives a unique brand image for people to remember your business product and value.
  4. Stored anywhere. If you find some obstacles in seeking for the strategic place for your office, think about choosing material made from the container. Because of its box-shaped that is easy to be stacked and designed; shipping container office can be stored anywhere, including the street, on the first cliff, the seaside, etc.

Those are some benefits that you may get by implementing a shipping container office. Now, what are the business examples for shipping container office?

  • Café. Nowadays, you can find many cafés that have various themes with chosen material to support its unique identity. For you who run a café business and intend to give a different idea, unlike competitors, you can choose shipping container office design as it can give an exceptional industrial atmosphere. For the beginner, you can also start your café business starting with placing your café in the street-side; the shipping container design can help you attract many road users to have a taste in your café.
  • Display booth in the mall. If you want to improve the brand awareness of your product, you can design you temporary shipping container office to show your products in mall or festival. Not only it is for a temporary purpose, but also, it can support your business that needs a high mobility to promote your products. A unique concept is another point that could attract people towards your individual product display.

Facing a limited vacant of land and its expensive cost to pay for buildings construction and maintenance are, indeed, making today’s business industry getting strain. However, those conditions can not be an obstacle for you to stop finding the way to grow your business.

By thinking outside the box and taking maximum opportunities of material wastes like container, can be your alternative solution to building your business, starting from a unique shipping container office design.

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