About Semi Frameless Shower Door Before Installation

If you want to change your house into something more modern, then you need to get the semi frameless shower door. Nothing beats this particular shower door regarding being modern, and it is becoming more and more popular recently.

Of course, you might not be sold on this concept just because of the aesthetics alone thus we are here to show you just how useful this concept is compared to the more traditional design.

Semi frameless shower door vs. frameless door

The frameless shower door is still the most used concept for the shower door. It is very popular due to its durability and practicality, and it is also used in every part of the world. But it gets old fast, and by that, we mean the aesthetics.

Although you do can change that by using a more exotic designed door, but it will cost money. Here is some semi frameless shower door vs. frameless shower door comparisons that you might find useful:

1. The cost

As said earlier, frameless shower door cost a lot more money if you want it to look good, the cost efficient one looks too dull. But the semi frameless one is more cost effective although it used more materials.

2. Durability

Unfortunately, using more material also affect its durability. Regarding strength, the regular frameless door is still better. Fortunately, the semi-frameless one is still pretty high, just not as strong as the frameless one.

3. Appearance

The aesthetic is harder to value because it will depend on the taste and preference of the owner, but the frameless door concept looks very dull. While people could argue that the metal surrounding the semi-frameless one could be a distraction.

4. Installation

Because the frameless shower door only utilizes metal clips for the glass door, it will take considerable less time to install. Meanwhile, the semi-frameless door uses metal bar surrounding the door to make it more stable, but it makes the installing time a little bit longer.

The functionality of both concepts are the same; you use the semi-frameless door the same way you use the regular frameless door. The cost is pretty much what makes these two similar concepts to be different.

Most of the time, you will find that the semi-frameless shower door cost $100 less than the frameless one.

Regarding design, though, there is not much to say, not to mention that it is also pretty difficult to customize it or to give it your personal touch.

The size and dimensions of the door also depend on your bathroom. But that does not mean a different style of the semi-frameless door could not be attained; people change the shape of the glass door to make it more unique.

This unusual shaped glass looks more unique; however installing will take more work due to the form. So if you want to use a different semi frameless shower door, it is best to let the professional handled it for you.

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