Remodeling Small Basement Ideas

Small basement can turn darker and colder if you only use it as room storage. Rather than neglect it, you can remodeling the basement for additional living space such as bedroom or entertainer room. In these small basement ideas, you can adopt the proper alternatives to change your basement into a better room.

Solve the Basement Humidity Problems

Since basement is built in a lower ground, the walls have a tendency to absorb the water from the ground. The soil movement also can make cracks to the walls. It’s the reason why high humidity and dampness due to the water problem is the biggest concern in remodeling a basement.

Prevent the water problems early before you start remodeling the basement by repairing the leaks and take other preventing measurements. For example, make sure to move away all the groundwater near the basement walls or install roof guttering and downspouts to avoid rain puddles near the basement walls. Or you can also install drain tile beneath the basement floor in order to reroute the ground water to a sump pump. It can help to removes the water before damaging the interior.

Make the Basement Brighter

Basement is built in the lower ground. Some basements are installed with small windows near the ceiling and some others have none. That’s why it lacks of natural light and the worst is it only decorated with some naked bulb fixtures. When remodeling the basement, install a bigger window if possible. If not, make sure to install a bright light or hang lots of lights.

Choosing light shades for painting is another important remodeling small basement ideas to make the basement brighter. Light shades such as white as a main background is the best to reflect the lights. Minimize the use of darker shades. Use it only for small portion such as in accessories or furniture.

Locate Plumbing Stubs

Since the construction of basement, the contractor has thought about a future bathroom by installing plumbing stubs. If you want to build a new bathroom in the basement, you can locate the stubs to plan the spot. You can indicate the round closet flange set in the concrete. A 2-inch pipe a foot above the floor can be used for sink plumb. A square filled with sand contains with buried drain can be used for tub or shower plumb.

Drop Ceiling Works

Drop ceiling is the most used ceiling for basement which features a grid and lightweight acoustical panels. It can be easily removed when you can to work on plumbing, ductwork, and electrical between the joints. But it can reduce the headroom of basement about 4 inches.

Instead of use standard drop ceiling tiles with size 2×4 feet which can overwhelm the small basement, you can purchase the smaller one. Although the drop ceiling reduce the headroom area, but at least the small tiles make the room looks bigger. Make sure to attach extended wood framing beneath the joints to hold the weight fixtures, because the grid of drop ceiling can’t support the weight of heavy fixtures.

If you put more labor force to remodeling your small basement, you can turn it to be beautiful additional living space. No scarier basement area in the house, but only pretty hidden space in the lower ground.

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