Raynor Garage Door Essential Guides to Know

When you are about to customize the garage then picking the Raynor garage door is always the right answer. The Raynor is one of the most well-known brands regarding garage door in the world; it is widely used and very popular. But they are a big name, and they also have a lot of different kinds of garage doors that you can choose. So, we are here to help you familiarize yourself with the brand.

Introduction to Raynor garage door

The Raynor brand is known for their quality, and all of their parts are made to make sure that everything works correctly for as long as possible. For the standard Raynor garage door parts of their product, they are all made with precision and quality. Here are the parts that you will see in every of their products:

  • The extension springs
  • Different kinds of door sections with differing available designs
  • Raynor custom made quality track with various designs for different garage doors
  • Hinges made only from high-quality steel
  • Weather-seal to keep your garage from strong wind or rain
  • Rollers that operates smoothly and do not makes many sounds
  • Some product also lines available with sensors with the photoelectric eye.

Here are some of the famous product lines available from the Raynor brands:

1. Advantage Series

The advantage series of the product line are perfect for those who do not have a big budget for their garage door. But never look down if these product lines just because they are cheaper than other, the durability offered are top class. Unfortunately, the design of the door might be too plain for some people.

2. Tradition Series

The tradition series of product line offer similar durability as the advantage series, but with much more available features. It also provides a wider range of available options. However, these options are also pretty expensive.

3. Innovation Series

If you consider yourself to be a creative person, then you will like the innovation series of the product line as the name implies. This series allows you to mix and match the available Raynor garage door panels as you see fit. This lets you create your different garage door; the problem is that you probably need to spend more money to buy those different panels.

4. Distinction Series

The distinction series is most well known for being top quality in every aspect. This line has superb durability; it won’t break down quickly and can last for years. It also allows a broad range of customization and is also very flexible; unfortunately, it is also cost a lot more money.

This brand has a wide range of quality product, but you still need to take care of them as some problems might still happen. Well, some of the most common problems with them are a dysfunctional remote control system, noises, and damaged opener. But if you take a proper maintenance of your Raynor garage door, these problems has very little chance of happening.

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