Rambler Floor Plans Advantages for House Design

Rambler styled house is on the rise right now, and it’s for a good reason, and you will find many rambler floor plans quickly as well.

What is rambler and why do it get to be popular? Rambler style house is also known as the ranch house; it recently becomes popular again after several decades of hiatus.

But today, rambler style home is very different to the 70s, with traditional design mixed with the modern style; the current Rambler is unique.

Rambler floor plans benefits and disadvantages

If you are interested in getting the modern rambler floor plans, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. More importantly, this type of house does not have a story, so it will only be a small one-floor house.

Here are what makes people loving the rambler style home all over again:

1. Modern split story

What makes a single story home good is how easy for you to access everything. But it got its downside which is a lack of rooms and space.

Fortunately, the modern rambler also got a solution for it, and that is the modern split story rambler house. The split story type trade a little bit of its accessibility with more rooms; but it also cost way more money.

2. Large windows

It is not a ranch house if it does not have a lot of large sized window; this is one of the unique characteristics of the Rambler. Most floor plans that you see will have this feature, and people love this because the large windows mean better light from outside.

3. Vaulted ceiling

If you do not like a cramped place but is interested in this traditional looking house then when you are looking for the rambler floor plans arrangement. It looks for one that has vaulted ceiling. This is another characteristic of the rambler-style house that is made to counter that cramp and squatty feelings.

4. Easy access to outdoor

The rambler style does not only offer you easy access to everything inside your house, but it allows you to access everything outside very comfortable as well. This is what makes it better than a multi-story house with just a few steps you are already in your outdoor garden.

5. Can be upgraded

Rambler houses are also very easy to update because the whole sets of infrastructure are easily replaced. This also means repairing broken infrastructure are very easy as well.

But it is not without disadvantages as well because some cons about the rambler house are as follow:

1. Less privacy

Because everything needs to be accessible, there will be less room for privacy.

2. Small yard

This one depends on to a large extent on the space available. But if you want more things on your rambler house, it means making the house wider and bigger, and that will eat the space available for the yard.

3. Less floor plan

This is also caused by everything that is clumped on one story house, so most of the rambler floor plans will look the same bar the dimensions.

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