Perfect Vintage Home Interior in Western Meet Eastern Style

The new look of Ayazpasa House shows you vintage home interior in classy appearance. The designer that changed the house into beautiful home is Autoban, a Turkish-based studio.

This home is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and you will see perfect blending between western and eastern characteristics. You can start with the living room of the house.

Green Decorative Plant in Pottery Pot on Corner White Webbing Table beside Cream Sectional Sofa Set

The living room has the new touch of eastern design. You will see a comfortable living room with beige sofa under the bay window.

The oval table is located in front of the sofa. There is a flat television hanging on the wall. If you want to go to the next room, then you will find the arch gate to the family room.

White Dining Room Design of Ayazpasa House with Luxury Pendant Lamp Hanged on Gray Painted Ceiling

The next picture shows you vintage kitchen design with carved bronze ceiling. It looks unbelievable! There is a long marble kitchen island with electronic stove on the surface.

You will find hanging glass racks over the kitchen island. The kitchen room is representing a vintage home interior design in the right way.

Before the home make over was started, you only can see wooden dining table with plastic chairs and the messy room. Now, you will see a simple but elegant dining room with wooden table and two wooden benches.

Look up to the ceiling and you can find unique chandelier lamp that made from bulbs arrangement. In this time, the reading corner looks more functional with custom wall bookshelf and classic standing lamp.

Luxury Bedroom Design of Ayazpasa House Decorated with White Bedding Concept on Classical Cream Rug under Metallic Painted Ceiling

The most important room for the homeowner is the bedroom. As you can see from the picture, you will find vintage bedroom with classic headboard design.

The last room that you should see is the bathroom. A vintage bathroom with marble accent will always make the room looks awesome. This is one of the best interior design ideas vintage homes that you wanted to see.

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