How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Lighting Fixtures for Large Spaces

Now days, bathroom becomes the place to recharge and relax, so most of it has completed with powder room, shower steam and bath tub to create a private high class space.

Yet, still lots of homeowners put only a little bit of effort and attention on choosing their bathroom lighting fixtures, even though the role of lighting is very important to influence the mood of bathroom.

There are four layers of lights to help you understand the basic rules of choosing lighting fixtures, including:

Task Lighting

bathroom contemporary lighting fixtures

Task lighting means how lighting is illuminating the beams of light to a designed area so you can see yourself best. For a small bathroom you only need one single ceiling lights but larger bathroom need more than one.

It requires you to measure the size of your bathroom, identify the spot of lighting, and choose the right lighting fixtures.

The most common spot for lighting is over the sink using vanity lights and shower room or tub using recessed or overhead lighting.

There are some tips you can follow:

  • Avoid installing bright lights right above the mirror. A strong light onto forehead will create deep shadows below eyes, nose, and chin. It’ll make you aging faster. So, it’ll distract you from shaving and applying makeup. The combination of mirror and lighting should be able to enhance your best look whenever you see your reflection in the mirror. Installing dim vanity lights on the mirror or beside the mirror is the best lighting.
  • Choose different wattage for every spot. For main lighting to diffuse enough lights to overall the bathroom, use 75 to 100 watts’ illumination of lighting fixtures or 20-25 watts of LED. While in the powder room, you can install less wattage lighting about 45 watts range.
  • Consider dimmer lighting at morning and night. Dimmer lighting will help you to adjust your eyes into the surrounding first in the morning without dazzling you. It also helps you to wind down your eyes in the night before sleep.

Accent Lighting

bathroom wall lighting fixtures

Another lighting role is accentuating a certain part of the room. For example, if you love accentuating arts aspect including in your bathroom, accent lighting will help to focus illuminating directly to those arts.

Decorative Lighting

bathroom ceiling lighting fixtures

A decorative lighting appears as the new eye candy into your bathroom. Although it’s only one small hanging from ceiling or on the wall, decorative lighting will immediately steal your eyes right when you enter the bathroom.

Yet, it should be match with the overall bathroom design.

Ambient Lighting

bathroom vanity lighting fixtures

Ambient lighting means that it should be able sending diffused lights to overall the room without hiding anything. The recommendation includes a pendant with translucent shade. Not only works as ambient lighting, but also a decorative one.

A proper bathroom lighting fixtures should be able to cover all those four layers of lights to create the best bathroom mood.

Since bathroom is a space where your start and end your day out, you should put lots of consideration on decorating the room, particularly choosing bathroom lighting fixtures.

Yes, it’s a private space for you, but you might also want to brag it to your guest when they visit your home, won’t you?

So, choose wisely and proud endlessly.

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