Outstanding Quirky Home with Asymmetrical Building Shape

The Kiltro is a quirky home shape designed by Supersudaka and it is located in Talca, Santiago, Chile. When you see the house for the first time, then you will amaze with the home appearance.

This building is looks like a floating building with sturdy iron cantilevers. Look around the house and all you see is beautiful mountains and deep valley. It has asymmetrical home shape with sloping roof that made from wooden siding material.

Briliant Interior Design using Butterfly Chairs and Square Wooden Material for Decorating the Kiltro House

The whole house surfaces are covering by wooden material. The house is built on the rocky hillside and has stunning appearance since the first time you saw it.

Maybe you will say it as one of the best quirky home ideas with comfortable living area and modern interior design. The front appearance of the house looks modern with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and aluminum frames.

Entiching Interior Design using Transparent Glass Material for Windows and Door Design in the Kiltro House

If you want to reach the homecoming door, then you should pass the spiral stairs and step on the curvy wooden deck.

You will find the vault below the house as you can see from the picture. Look at to the vault and you will see hard stone flooring in there.

Amazing Kiltro House using Strong and Old Wooden Material for the Roof Design with Brown Color

The interior side of the house looks cozy in minimalist modern style. You will find comfortable sitting room that has straight view to the valley.

There is carved teak table in the sitting room and globe floor lamp on the floor. You also can find rough wool rug in white color under the table.

Appealing Interior Design using Round Lamps with White Color Put on the Table for Kiltro House Interior

At night, you will see beautiful lighting that coming from the inside. Maybe you really want to see the bedroom interior, kitchen room, and more rooms, but unfortunately you cannot see it from the picture gallery.

Everyone who sees this house will love to explore the house including you. In fact, quirky home design ideas successfully steal your attention.

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