Good and Bad Thing in Using Oak Dining Table

Buying the dining table is mostly important to think about. The dining table can provide the good atmosphere in your home.

To create the harmonious and balance atmosphere, you can add the dining table that can be combined with the kitchen set. For example, you can add the table that is made of oak wood, and the kitchen set is made of aluminium.

Oak dining table can be the unique choice because the design is strongly natural and the oak material is durable. You can better to know about the detail of what oak material is.

And you have to consider before purchasing the dining table.

oak extending dining table

Here is the review about what must be the consideration before buying the dining table made of oak.

The oak wood is one of the most ideal woods that usually used for the wood working industry. This kind of wood is hardwood, strong, and the appearance of the fiber and the pores are beautiful and soft.

This oak wood is used for various purposed widely such as for furniture, door, kitchen set, construction, floor, architecture design, and the other commercial products.

The texture of the wood is beautiful and unique. With the great finishing, the performance of the furniture such as kitchen set or dining table can be maximize with the best appearance of the oak wood.

oak round dining table

Oak has a base color that various start from sapwood white on light brown to greenish or reddish in the heartwood. In United States, the woodworking industry used the oak wood as the main source.

The oak wood has 2 types, red oak and the white oak. Read oak is easily to distinguish from the white oak based on the fiber and the structure of the pore.

The fiber and the pores of the red oak usually are more open and the pattern of the fiber is larger than the white oak. While, the white oak has the wider fiber and oak wood is important from Asia or Europe. The imported wood is the white oak.

The good thing in using the oak material for dining table

oak dining table

The good side in choosing the wood as the dining table is a valuable thing because the oak material is strong and robust. It also gives the wonderful and artistic value to your home.

The oak material for the dining table is the best choice. The dining table is relatively safer than the other material. More than that, the price of the dining table made of wood is also relatively inexpensive.

Oak wood is the recommended material for the furniture such as dining table because it has the same density and it tends to be more durable in long period.

So it is better to buy the dining table with the combination, such as the combination of oak and glass.

The bad thing in using the oak material for dining table

oak and glass dining table

The oak material can sometimes be scratched and chipped, especially when the process of making oak dining table does not use the material with the highest quality. Because the timber is soft, so the material is often scratched.

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