How to Install Modern Pendant Lighting at Home

Primarily in the modern or contemporary homes, modern pendant lighting becomes the most favorite lighting fixture to choose. If you are consider saving your money for asking help from the electrician, you can start to learn how to install it by yourself by following these steps below.

Tools Preparation

Before start DIY installing pendant on the ceiling, you need to prepare some electrician tools. You need several specialized tools including a screwdriver, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, wire nuts, and also voltage tester for ensuring the safety and adequate installation.

Safety Preparation before Installing Modern Pendant Lighting

Since you are working with electrical installation, you should ensure the safety preparation first. Beforehand, make sure to turn off the power on the circuit. Don’t only flip the power switch button on the wall, but you should turn off the switch at the circuit breaker.

You should know which one is the circuit that discharges the location of installation. Once you have switched off the circuit, use the voltage tester to test there is no flow of power. For additional tips, you can give a label for each circuit breaker panels to help you learn the electrical flow path quickly in the future.

Prepare the Wires on the Fixtures

You can see the wires that connect pendant light with the circuit in the ceiling at the plate of the top part of pendant light that attach to the ceiling. These wires are the things you need to prepare for the connection. Make a copper grounding wire and two insulated wires sealed together for extending out the pendant.

Then, use scissors to cut and separate two insulated wires about 4 or 5 inches at the seam that hold them together. Do it carefully without exposing the wiring under the insulation. Next, strip or remove about an inch of insulation from the end of each wire use wire cutters to expose the wire.

Install the Mounting Bracket

Next step is installing the mounting bracket of the pendant light fixture onto the previously prepared plate on the ceiling. On the plate or junction box on the ceiling, you can see two screw holes across from one another, don’t you? Here, you can use the screws to attach the mounting plate to the plate.

Connect the Wires

You come to the most difficult part. That’s connection wires. First, start taking the copper grounding wire from the pendant and twist the end part. Twist it on to the end of connected grounding wire that extends out of the junction box and do it in a clockwise direction. Lock down the connection using a wire nut. Turn the nut down on top of the twisted wires.

Next, do the same steps with the white insulated wire. Attach it to the white cable on the plate box, while the black connection is the last. A tiny white or ribbed stripe on the side of insulation is a way to identify the white wire.

Attach the Pendant Fixtures to the Ceiling

Come to the last step; you need to attach the “canopy” or the base of the fixture to the ceiling. Use the two invested screws that extending out from the box and connected nuts on the canopy to lock them firmly to the ceiling. You should ask help from others when doing this critical step to support the fixture while you screw it into the ceiling.

If you learn the steps carefully, you can install modern pendant lighting quickly to decor your room.

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