How to Style your Kitchen Area with Modern Light Fixtures

The kitchen area is where you spend your time cooking and hanging out with your family and close friends. You want to make it cozy and look good. One way you can decorate your kitchen area is with modern light fixtures.

Before getting those lights installed in your kitchen, you need to choose the right light that goes with your kitchen theme. Here are some aspects you should consider in choosing the right lights.

Light Fixtures Type

There are many types of light fixtures. They are ceiling lights, chandeliers, fan lights, pendants, recessed lights, and wall lights. Some kinds make your kitchen look modern while others don’t. Make sure you pick a light fixture that is simple and has high edges or round shape.

Modern light fixtures have minimal decorations. Too many ornaments on your light won’t give that modern vibe you want in your kitchen.

Ceiling lights, fan lights, chandeliers, and pendants work well for a big area with high ceiling. While recessed lights and wall lights work best for a smaller area. But every light fixture type can work for any rooms as long as it has the right shape, color, and size.

Light Fixtures Color

Choosing the right color of modern light fixtures is crucial in room styling. You can choose a color that is similar to your kitchen walls and appliances. Or you can choose contrast bright-colored light fixtures to get that pop of color. If you want to make your light fixture be the statement piece in the area, make it stand out, but be careful it has to go well with the room.

For small kitchen area, you may want similar light fixture color with your kitchen walls. The light fixture will blend with your area, thus, make it look great. Bright lights can create the illusion of larger room too. For the bigger kitchen, create a contrast between your walls and your light fixtures to fill the room.

Modern light fixtures have monochromatic or bold color, like black, white, or bright red. But pastel and natural colors can work on modern light fixtures too. Pastel colors give feminine and warm touch in your room.

If you want your room to have that rustic and modern feeling, natural wood, and metal color would do the trick. Just make sure it has the right minimalist shape.

Modern Light Fixtures Size

You need to choose modern light fixtures that have a proportional size to your kitchen area. If the light fixture is too big for your room, it can create that crumpled feeling and make your room seem small. When the light fixture is too small, won’t look right in your room either.

Here are some recommendations to get the right light fixture size and room size proportion.

  • If your room is 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m), then the light diameter should be 17”-20” (43cm x 50cm);
  • If your room is 12ft x 12ft (3.5m x 3.5m), then the light diameter should be 20”-26” (50cm x 66cm);
  • If your room is 14ft x 14ft (4m x 4m), then the light diameter should be 24”-30” (61cm x 76cm).

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