Minimalist Design with Oval Dining Table

Oval dining table is looking for by many people today. The dining table with the oval shape is popular because the type of the ergonomic functions. In the big restaurant, the oval or round dining table is usually used. The advantage in using oval table in the dining room is saving more space if it is compared with the square shape because the edge of the table is taper. In addition, this type of dining table is suitable for use in the interior of the house.

Dining table with glass material

If you have the minimalist house, you can choose the dining table made of glass. You will get an impression of elegance and luxury to the interior of the dining room. In addition, the glass material can also reflect the lights, therefore a more positive impression in the room becomes looking wider than the actual sight.


Besides, glass as the material, the minimalist dining room with oval shape can use the wood material. Typically, for dining table, the woods are teak or oak. It is intended that a round dining table for the durability and the good quality. For the sale of the dining table, the dining table is usually sold in 1 set that is including the table and the chairs. Obviously, this is beneficial for the customer because the sale of the furniture in one set is cheaper than buying in units or pieces.


Marble is like glass material. It is easier to clean. In addition, there are several other advantages of minimalist round dining table made of marble, the design of the table is more luxurious look, when it is compared with a minimalist round table made of wood. Even when it has seen further, it also looks more luxurious than the dining table made of glass.

The advantage in using oval dining table

Basically, the dining table is important. The existence is very functional. The best choice in choosing the dining table is the oval shape. This kind of shape is sparingly. The shape has no corner, so it is very possible to put the table anywhere.

The oval table is effective to apply. The shape is not only unique but also useful. But in the other hand, some people think that the shape is not up to date and ancient. But in the development, this oval table can change the stigma.

The benefit in using the small oval table is the impression for the large area. The fact shows that it really happened. The usage of oval table not only for dining table can also create the glamorous and unique effects.

The small space in the dining room is available to apply the oval table. For example, the oval dining table that is surrounding by several chairs can create the large space. The other advantage is giving the sweet atmosphere. More than that, the room will look tidier. And next, you can use the free space to put the other furniture to design the dining room, to make it more harmonious and balance.

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