Metal Roof Panels Installation

Nowadays, metal material for the roof has been very common to choose. The use of metal material for the roof is more effective and efficient than the other material of the roof. As the example, metal material will not be damage so easily if it falls to the ground different from ceramic material which will broke easily. And also in economical side, the metal material has low budget if it compare to the others material. Metal roof panels are durable and long last time so it is the favorable choice of the roof material.

Moreover, the installation is simpler you can do it by yourself and of course ask some help from your friend to make it even easier. You can get the metal roof panels from the holding shop and get the appropriate for the roof of the house. As for the installation, let’s check this out.

Measuring and ordering

The first thing you have to do before installing the metal panels of the roof is measuring the roof. You have to know the distance which exists between the roof eave and the ridge. Measure it by using tape measure. Besides that, you also have to determine the width of the roof. By doing that, you will have the appropriate metal panel for the roof and it will fit each other. After measuring the roof, you may order to the shops or the distributor, the metal panel for the roof you need according to the measurement you’ve done before.

Preparing the batten boards

You may let the old shingles on the roof and double it, so you will have barrier for the roof. After that, prepare the batten boards in order to make the metal panel roof secure. Lay the boards on the roof and make distance from one to another and don’t forget to pin it by using screw.

Applying the eave flashing and closure strips

It is important to apply eave flashing on the roof eave so it will manage the falling of the water on the roof. Apply it until cover the whole eave of the roof. Besides that, you also have to apply closure strips. It is important to close the distance on the roof so it will avoid animals in living there or make it as a way and break the roof. Apply the closure trips on the roof eave by using tape.

Installing the metal panel

After you’ve done those steps, and the preparing of the roof has been ready, now you can apply the metal panel. Apply them one by one. for the first metal panel of the roof, you must make sure to place it along one edge of the roof, and the end side of the bottom of the metal panel have to hang to the roof eave, after you’ve done, screw it together to make it strong. After that, install the second metal panel of the roof until metal panel has out and the roof has covered. After that, to make the appearance looks smooth, apply gable trim to the roof’s edge.

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