How to Measure a Sleeper Sofa with Chaise

Sleeper sofa with chaise is a couch that needs much spacious room than a regular type; because of the bigger seats designed for sleepers. There are many options of a sleeper sofa in the furniture stores. It comes in different shapes, colors, materials, and also functions.

When you are going to choose a sleeper sofa in an individual form, you must measure the size to make sure it suits your available space. Besides, it also should provide the ways, staircases or elevator in your home to pass to ease the installation. That is why you should measure it well. You only need some measuring tape to do this work.

Measure the Room for the Sleeper Sofa with Chaise

Begin by measuring the wall’s length or open area inside the room where the sleeper sofa with chaise will be placed. After you have known the measurement, then you can go to the furniture store to find the sofa in the perfect size. Write down the measurement if needed. Make sure you have measured the right lengths to the right and left for the couch area.

For instance, the distance from the corner to the right wall is 11 feet. It means that you can choose a sleeper sofa up to 10 feet in length. Besides the length, you also should measure the width of the area for the sleeper sofa.

The couch’s portions will spread out to the field’s width. You will need wider space for sleeper sofa with chaise because of a full size of the furniture than the regular types. Make sure that you also provide comfortable space to walk and sit on the large sofa.

Measure the Doorways

It is also crucial to measure your doorways before choosing a sofa because you must pass the door to bring the furniture inside. Open the swings out and then measure the space of the door. Measuring the door will also allow you to make sure that the furniture installation remains some space for walkways.

Besides, it will also prevent the door from hitting the sofa when you open it. Besides, you also need to measure the entryways to pass before installation, including the staircase, elevator, and also hallways. In this way, you will not get some problems in bringing the couch inside.

Measure the Height

The perfectly fit size of the furniture shouldn’t be higher than the window frame ledge. So you should measure the height from the floor to the shelf. Don’t choose a sleeper sofa with chaise that is higher than the window’s frame. It will close a portion of the window and also block the sunlight to enter the room.

For the great importance of measuring the room before buying a sofa, you should step and then write the measurement on a piece of paper.

Bring the note to a furniture store as the guidance to choose the best sofa, especially those with the perfect size to your space. When the sleeper sofa with chaise is perfectly fit, it must be something that also beautify your room and improve the comfort.

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