How to Make Burlap Door Hangers Easily

If you are having trouble with your wall or door decoration, then you probably prefer the burlap door hangers. Some decorations cost a lot of money, and if you decide to settle on the cheaper one, they are low quality or have a flat design.

But with this door hanger made from burlap, not only that they are easy to make. However, they are also cheap and highly design-able. Here you will find how to make those decoration hangers yourself.

burlap door hangers

Know how making the burlap door hangers

If you are not sure yet, the burlap is a type of woven textile; we will use it because it is durable but can be utilized for various kinds of design. Here are some things that you will need for this burlap door hangers tutorial:

  • The burlap; you can get either the colored one or the neutral one. Get the neutral colored one if you cannot find any with the color that you prefer.
  • Glue; get one that is pretty high.
  • Sewing kit.
  • Paint; only if you think that you want some more colors.
  • Paint brushes; you will only need this if you need to brush.
  • Some wires; make sure that its bendable wires.
  • Plastic shopping bag.
  • Glue sticks.
  • Old newspaper and markers.

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Now, let’s begin this how to make burlap door hangers step by step:

  1. Get the old paper and your markers. Use the pen to draw your preferred design for the door hanger. The design can be anything, but if you are new to this, then it is preferable to start with an easy one. After you are done designing, cut the newspaper.
  2. Now get your burlap cloth and put the paper model on top of it. Use the marker to mark or just cut the material around the pattern; whatever you feel is easier. Do this once again on another burlap cloth. These two burlap pieces will be the front and back of your decoration.
  3. Now it is time to join the front side and the back side of the ribbon. You can do this process in several ways, but the most efficient way is by sewing them. You can also use the super glue for this process, but you need to be very accurate. Hot gluing is also one other method, but because the burlap is a cloth then be very careful as the hot glue can seep through the layer.
  4. Depending on whether or not you want to alter the color of the decoration or you want to add some patterns or so, this is the time for you to paint it. Use your brush and paint the decoration. This process is necessary because the color will also make the ribbon a lot stiffer.
  5. After the paint is dried, it is time to add more decoration if you want, but for the first time, we will make a plain one.
  6. Poke a side at the top of the burlap ornament with the bendable wire and pop it out at the other side. This wire is going to be the hanger for the decoration.

As you can see, making your burlap door hangers is super easy, not to mention that you can make any designs that you like.