Learn the Basics of Choosing Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Pendant or chandelier? Dim or bright? There is some level of confusion for the homeowner on choosing their kitchen lighting fixtures.

The kitchen is an open space where you can see everything all at once, so only one simple uncoordinated thing will be stand out.

Here, lighting fixtures come as a tricky part that you can’t select it randomly. So, how to choose the right one?

Check out the answer below.

Identify the Works Areas of Your Kitchen

kitchen dining lighting fixtures

The first thing need to be considered on choosing kitchen lighting fixtures is the task lighting. Task lighting means the direct beams of lighting that illuminate the designed working areas.

Preparation station such as counter-tops for using stove or sink, preparing food, or making coffee are the common focused working areas to install the lighting above the counter-tops.

For a kitchen that has island, it’s the perfect place to install lighting above it. Pendant or chandelier is the most favorite lighting fixtures. Inside a pantry closet also can be the focused areas where the lighting help seeing what is inside the closet.

Match with Overall Decor

kitchen bar lighting fixtures

There are various types of lighting fixtures such as pendant, chandelier, recessed lights, LED bulb, and many others. If you are focused on decoration, pendant or chandelier that hanging on from ceiling above Kitchen Island or dinner table is the most favorite options of lighting fixtures.

They become the focal point that adds interest to kitchen space. But, if you prefer for lighting that gives a broad illuminating, recessed light is the best choice. Overall, the lighting should be match and blend with overall decor of the kitchen including colors, patterns, and shapes.

Not Only All about Decor, but Ambient Lighting Should be Pointed Out

kitchen table lighting fixtures

If you too focused on decoration only, it can trigger another problem. For example, have you seen a kitchen room with only one chandelier above Kitchen Island and that’s it, no more?

Well, the worst problem is, if your stove is in the separate counter-tops from the island, you might don’t know if your foods have already burned since you can’t differ if it burned or because it’s dark.

Kitchen is a risky place. Having not enough lights to see clearly is a disaster. So, only installing the decorative lighting without considering the ambient lighting is a big “no”.

Ambient lighting should be able to send a diffused light to overall parts in the kitchen spaces including cabinets and refrigerator. Therefore, you need two or more lighting fixtures in your kitchen space.

Use Lighting Accent to Highlighting a Certain Part

kitchen lighting flush mount fixtures

Accent lighting will help you to add depths and dimensions to the environment, also helps you to draw your eyes to a certain thing.

For example if you have a high art painting on the wall of kitchen room, you can install wall lighting above or beside it or use track lightnings to point it out. Or if you have expensive china collection in the open cabinet, you can add lights above the cabinetry.

Recently, kitchen room is included in the open floor plan, so you kitchen lighting fixtures need to relate with other rooms where you can see directly inside the kitchen. But, if your kitchen is in the separated floor plan, you have more ideas to mix and match with your kitchen decor only.

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