Main Elements in Landscaping Ideas for Backyard

When you go into your house, you will feel in comfort and secure. Meanwhile, when you go out to the backyard, you will feel like to spend your whole day relaxing. For that reason, choosing the right landscaping ideas for backyard is as important as designing your home interior. There are various elements that need to be included into your plan including:

Nature Elements

Nature elements such as fire, earth, water and shades are the main landscaping ideas for backyard. It is a way to create your private sanctuary behind your house. In a small, big, simple, or extravagant portion, they can help to increase the livability of a cozy outdoor space where you can relax comfortably.

Earthen elements such as stone paving, plants, flowers, rock walls, or shrubs are usually included in your yard. Next, fire element from the outdoor fireplace is the best spot for warming at the cold night. Water element can be derived from a pond completed with fountain. The sound of gurgling fountain with a natural view can help to create a soothing feeling. Natural shade such as plants or trees not only a shade in the heat day, but it can be a bird nest. Imagine you wake up in the morning while hearing the birdsong, such a beautiful paradise, isn’t it?

Open Space

For entertaining a crowd or just your own private space, a backyard should have some open space for you to able doing all of that. You might have more active movements especially family with children to play on in the backyard than indoor, so you will need an enough space.

A lawn is usually the most favorite open space backyard form. It’s attractive because easy to maintain and comfortable to play on. If your house has a very large lawn that needs lot of works landscaping it, you can simply change it into small sport courts such as pool, gym, basketball, etc. But if it’s only leaving small space to work, then you can change it into small garden, gazebo, or others.

Focal Point

Human eyes have a strong connection with circular forms. So they can easily find the center of a circle or interesting points. That’s why focal point in the landscape can help to change your backyard dramatically attractive to draw your guest attention or even yourself. After all, the construction needs to be planned and thought carefully, so the design will come out nicely and not simply put the pieces together.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to create an extraordinary focal point, you can choose the simple option such as statues, decors (ornaments, birdbaths, etc.), or a path of flowery. Some homeowners also want to transform their backyard dramatically with amazing focal points including outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, concrete seat walls, water feature construction, and other options.


Don’t forget to install outdoor lighting in your backyard. So, you can enjoy your yard or gather with friends at the evening hours while having a party. You can also decorate the fountain, trees, gazebo, or other focal points with small lighting to illuminate your landscaping. Look how your night at the backyard is more beautiful than at the daytime.

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