Recognize King Size Bed Dimensions

King size bed dimensions will be our topic in this article. As we know, bed is divided into various dimensions and each dimension has a name. In this opportunity, you can enrich your knowledge about the bed dimensions, in particular for the king size bed.

Before we talk about the dimensions of bed king size, this article will discuss the other size of the bed and its name.

There is a twin bed where it has 39×75 inches. Usually, it is used by one person because its size is narrow. Next, the twin bed is also available in twin extra long bed size where its size is 39×80 inches. Its length is more 5 inches than the twin bed. The single man is preferred to use this bed.

Besides, there is also the full or double bed where it has 54 inches width and 75 inches length. It can be used for two persons.

Queen bed is also used for two persons. It has different size with a full bed. Queen bed has dimension 60×80 inches. That’s all the information about the measure of each kind of bed that is commonly used. Now, for you who are looking for the dimensions of king size bed, it is the turn to discuss king size bed dimensions.

Before we go to the discussion, you have to know that there is various kind of king size bed. They are Eastern King size bed, California King Size bed, Wyoming King Size bed, and Alaska King Size bed. In this article, you will see the dimension of each king size bed so you will get the reference before you buy that kind of bed.

Various King Size Bed Dimensions

First, we will find out the information about Eastern King size bed dimensions. This bed is bigger and wider than a Queen bed. The capacity of this bed is similar; which is for two persons. The aspect of Eastern King size bed is 76×80 inches. It can be the bed for the main bedroom. In some hotels, sometimes this king size bed is also installed to give the fit feeling for the customers.

Besides, there is also California King Size bed that becomes people’s favorite bed. This bed is longer than Eastern King size bed, but the wide is only 72 inches. With the length around 84 inches, California King Size bed can be used for two persons also.

There are two more kinds of king size bed; there are Wyoming King Size bed and Alaska King Size bed. For the Wyoming, its shape is square. It means that the wide and length has the similar measurement. Wyoming King Size bed dimension is 84×84 inches, and its capacity is for two persons.

How about the Alaska King Size bed? This bed is the biggest ones because its ability can be used for three persons. The Alaska king size bed dimension is 108×108 inches. After recognizing the king size bed dimensions, so which one is your choice?

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