Tips to Install Wooden Blinds for French Doors

Wooden blinds for French doors can be an excellent choice if you have French doors installed at the home’s exterior doors. French doors are quite popular to be installed at home to allow more natural light come into the home. However, it makes the home is a lack of privacy.

To increase more privacy, installing wooden blinds will be a great solution. Find some tips and tricks below to make you hang the wooden blinds properly.

Measure the Door before Choosing the Blinds

French doors are made with glass panels that make it unique and narrower than conventional windows. Make sure you choose the right wooden blinds for French doors brand, so they fit perfectly. So you need to measure the doors to know the actual sizes before buy the wooden blinds.

You only need a measuring tape to do the measurement. All you need is measuring the width and height of the glass; measuring the center molding is not necessary. It will make you choose the right wooden blinds and perfect fit to every side so that the entire door will be covered perfectly.

Top Center of the Doors

The most common materials to make French doors are the solid woods such as cedar and oak. The woods are then painted in a particular color to make it more real looking. The solid wood materials make a little bit difference of measurement compared with the hollow doors or windows.

To install the wooden blinds, you should measure the door from the top center area to make sure the position. You should do the same on the sides of the door. This trick will allow you are preventing the damaged or splintering wood material.

Wooden Blinds for Two French Doors

Another unique design of a French door is the door commonly made into two doors instead of one door like other doors. It means that you should make two wooden blinds for French doors of yours.

Measure every door accurately, so the wooden blinds purchased will be perfectly fit for every door. The appropriate measurement will not need door shaving that possibly makes some damages on the door.

How to Make the Pilot Holes

While most types of doors are installed by using an electric screwdriver and some screws; you can’t do the same if you have French doors that are made from solid wood.

You should do some more works to install the wooden blinds correctly to the French door. You need an electric drill with a bit smaller size than the screws that are going to use. Make the pilot holes so the holes will be under the surface. You need an anchor to insert the mallet to the pilot holes.

After the pilot holes have been ready, now you can install the screws by using an electric screwdriver. The anchors will dig the side area of the hole when the pins are inserted. By following the tips and tricks, you can install the wooden blinds for French doors correctly in the perfect fit.

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