How to Install Mini Blinds for French Doors

Installing mini blinds for French doors is an excellent idea to improve the privacy of the room inside the home. French doors are the perfect choice to provide more opened room to a home because they are commonly installed in two side by side. This kind of doors is usually installed as entry doors from the patio or as a partition that divide two rooms inside a home.

However, the glass panels of French doors also lack the privacy besides giving more natural light into the interior. That is why installing mini blinds could be an excellent idea. Opening and closing the curtains will allow you are controlling the light and also privacy into the home interior.

Mini Blinds for French Doors

Glass Area Measurement

Before installing the mini blinds for French doors, you should firstly measure the width of the glass panels. You need to add a several of inches to the measurement of the glass diameter. Make sure you don’t find anything that can interfere the measurement of the door width, such as a doorknob. If the measurement is hindered by a doorknob, you may need to reduce the size.

After you get the width measurement, then continue to measure the height of the glass panels. You need to add the height measurement about five inches. After the measurement is done, find the mini blinds that are perfect for your French doors.

Window Blinds French Doors

The Installation of Mini Blinds for French Doors

Before installing the mini blinds for French doors, you need to hold the screens about a couple of inches above the glass panel. Because you are going to install one blind on every door, you should have a correct level so the head rail will be level. Mark the head rail ends by using a pencil and then remove the mini blinds.

Next, you also need to make another mark outside the head rail marks about 1/8 inch of distance. The outside marks will be the place for mounting brackets of the mini blinds. Then make another mark for the bracket mounting holes for the French door. On the spots of the mounting bracket holes, make pilot holes in 1/8 inch size by using a power drill. Set the power drill to the right size before.

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Move the mounting brackets from the door’s top. Line the pilot holes up the brackets mounting holes. Attach the brackets by using the mini blinds’ screws. Install the head rail to the mounting brackets. You might find snapping head rail in the brackets and you should connect the bracket bottom. Lower the position of the mini blinds.

Insert hold down brackets pins to the small holes at the end caps of the bottom rail. Hold the brackets alongside the lower part of the door. Make marks on the door for the mounting holes of parentheses. Make pilot holes in 1/8 inch size at the locations of the bracket mounting to raise the mini blinds for French doors.

Take out the brackets from the caps’ end and then secure to the French door’s bottom with the mounting screws. Then lower the end caps of the mini blind into the brackets. Snap the drapery clips over the rail head top and then catch the drapery too to the clips. Do the same steps to install the other mini blinds for French doors.