Indonesian Furniture Considerations When Purchasing

Indonesia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world that mixing of multiple cultures makes Indonesian furniture look a lot more unique than any state out there.

Any of the Indonesian styled furniture utilized wooden material, so their finished products look very traditional and offer a unique feeling to a modern styled house. If you are interested in Indonesian products and its furniture, here are some guides for you.

Indonesian furniture guides when purchasing

When choosing the best Indonesian furniture design, the first thing that you need to check is the material. You would want something that is made with teak; teak furniture is known for their flexibility and is regarded very highly.

The teak furniture is very expensive because of its high quality and durability. The second best material for Indonesian product is going to be mahogany.

Now, Indonesian style furniture looks unique and might not be well suited for your room if you have only a couple. Here are some Indonesia furniture ideas to make your room looks more legit:

1. Where you want your furniture to be

The amount of furniture and type of furniture mainly depends on where you want to put it. If you want an Indonesian styled living room, you will need at least a lounge chair, a table, and a sofa.

If you want an Indonesian style bedroom then it is important to get yourself at least an Indonesian styled bed, add a walk-in wardrobe for more style.

2. Choosing an Indonesian style sofa

When choosing the Indonesian style sofa, the design is not the only things that matter. As always, check out the material, teak is the best because it will make the sofa last a lifetime. Most Indonesian sofas are also pretty small in height but are also pretty broad that a person could lay down on it.

3. Choosing an Indonesian style bed

There is not particular way choosing the best Indonesian bed, so the material and design are the two most important things. But for your bedroom, it is always nice to have a traditional Indonesian table beside the bed as well.

4. Decorations

When you look for Indonesian decoration, just remember that most of the time you will find that the decoration is big. There are much Indonesian traditional painting out there, and their sizes are pretty big so prepare a good chunk of your wall if you plan to buy a couple of these.

5. Importing

One con about the Indonesian furniture is that they are not widely available. If you live in the western country, the big change that you will need to import the furniture thus you should only pick a reliable dealer.

As you can see, Indonesian products mostly used teak or mahogany. While there are other wooden materials to be used; they are probably not as durable as those.

So when buying Indonesian furniture, be very careful about counterfeit products as most of them are using low-quality woods that cannot be compared to teak.

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