The Advantages of Installing Hickory Wood Floors

Hickory wood floors are one of the most common flooring systems chosen by many homeowners, besides the other options such as mahogany, teak, maple, and also tiger wood. Every manufacturer provides different styles of hardwood. Each of them has different benefits and weaknesses too.

In hickory flooring, there are many perks featured, including the typical hard composition as well as the various patterns of grains in intricate looks. Hardwood flooring is perfect for the natural and warm look. However, it is tougher to maintain and some drawbacks. They depend on the preferences and flooring needs.

The Hardness of Hickory Hardwood

The hardness rating of Hickory wood clocks in on Janka Scale at 1820 and the range of timber resistance ranking to wear is among 0 and 4,000. The characteristics of the hardwood make it more durable to be chosen as home flooring system.

However, the excellent hardness and quality make the wood is harder to process. The extreme density of the hickory wood is troublesome to cut and sand rather than other hardwood types.

Similarly, the intricate patterns of the grain also bring difficulties in the finishing and staining process. The unfinished hickory wood floors become an individual challenge for the maker.

The Matter of Aesthetics

Hickory hardwood has a light tone and available in varied options. The grain structure of the hardwood will become nice look to the floor. However, it will not be a great option if you need minimalist, sleek, exotic and modern flooring system.

By using hickory hardwoods, you will get the darker look with more visible cutting, sanding marks and will make rustic and country style of the flooring system.

Comparing with the Other Hardwood Types

Hickory hardwood flooring doesn’t belong to the costliest wood type, and it also isn’t the most affordable option. The other woods like walnut, zebrawood, and rosewood also bring the same distinction.

If you need to purchase cheaper hardwood, the option such as Brazilian cherry, tigerwood and teak are cheaper wood varieties. Besides, the dent-resistant and hickory wood also isn’t the choice with the highest level of hardness.

The other options with more hardness are such as Brazilian walnut, Tiete Chestnut, and Tiete Rosewood that have Janka ratings 3,680; 3,540; and 3,280 correspondingly. Those options are more durable and will be perfect for high traffic areas’ flooring.

More Things to Consider about Hickory Wood Floors

When you are going to choose hickory hardwood flooring and also other types of wood, you should make sure it has the logos of Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forest Stewardship Council. If you don’t find it, it possibly wasn’t be harvested sustainably.

You should choose hickory woods from reliable manufacturers so you won’t get some drawbacks. If the manufacturer doesn’t seamlessly dry the stock of the timber, it is still vulnerable to warping and shrinking.

Therefore, you should choose a perfectly dried wood stock to prevent the problems in your hickory wood floors. By selecting the best hickory hardwood flooring, you will get more durability and aesthetic look in your wood flooring system.

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