Guide to Coffee and End Table Sets

When you are going to market looking for things to update your living room, the coffee and end table sets will make your space happy to call home. When you are furnishing new spaces in your home, it is necessary for looking best decoration pieces and accent that not only perfect fit with space but also creates a functional surface and the storage space and the best part of it, nurture with the taste and style.

Here are some recommendation and guide for you when you are buying a coffee table and end table sets.

The Coffee table sets

The coffee table or also called with the cocktail table is with a low at the same height with the sofa cushions. The coffee table usually places in the living room center that will act as a surface for drinks and snacks. Some designer argues that the difference between the cocktail table with table coffee come from the shape where the coffee table always in the form of rectangular rather than into oval shape.

There are several option for a coffee table that generates as trends as your décor home. This guide will help you to choose which the best is for you.

  • Casters. Caster is different from the standard four-legged coffee table. The coffee table with casters will make you able to remove the table in any situation. This caster feature is standard in a home with industrial space, and it is commonly offered in reclaimed wood or coffee table with distressed style.
  • Silver coffee table. The silver coffee table is the modern style of coffee table that provides the sleek and hue for a stay in your space comfortable.
  • Modern coffee table. This modern furniture is sleek and ultra-minimalist design and shapes of coffee tables that combine with contemporary style accent tables. With this furniture, it offers your space with very modern design style and timeless in a sophisticated look.
  • Lift top coffee table. For you, that considers for additional storage option on your coffee table, the lift top coffee table offers you the sleek contemporary design but added with little storage space up with the lift-top feature.
  • Next is an ottoman coffee table. This ottoman coffee table provided the cushioned table option with extra seating when you needed it. In some design, the furniture benches also offer you the hidden storage space in the lift top of the cushion.
  • Reclaimed and distressed coffee table. This kind of coffee table is the most antique look of coffee table pieces that tell you the story.

The end table sets

The end table or also popular as side end table is placed into besides of a chair and located at the end of the sofa. This end table is purposed to act as your lamps holder, as well as functioned as a place to offering drink and snacks. The end table is an average 20-24 inch in height. When you choose end table, do not forget that the ideal depth for end table choice is should be matched with the depth of main sofa or chairs where it’s accenting.

The combination between coffee and end table sets offer the additional storage for places drink and other requirements such as magazine or books.

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