Granny Pods Floor Plans Guide

If your aging parents still want to live alone but you still want to take care of them then these granny pods floor plans might be a good solution for you.

Granny pods are the name given to this small house product that is made purely to give the elderly a better place to live. The best thing about this granny pods is that it comes in a set and it contains loads of modern technologies used to make sure the ones living inside can do everything easily.

Granny pods floor plans ideas

If you are looking for the best granny pods for your parents then you need to consider a few things such as:

1. The location

Although it is a small house with mostly two or three rooms, it still requires large enough space. So check your available space and browse the available granny pods product dimension to see whether or not it can be installed in your backyard.

2. Pod’s set

They come in set, so you do not need to install each and every part personally. If you only need granny pods floor plans one bedroom then space is probably not a problem. But maybe you will need a floor plan that also gives you some webcams for monitoring.

3. Electricity/water sources

Most of the granny pods can be installed quickly, and the electricity or water will be taken from the main house.

4. Designs

Each product does not only offer different design and rooms, but they also come with different features and equipment, each with different price points.

5. Permission

Make sure you ask permission from your neighbors. In some state, you will need the city authorization to install a granny pod in your backyard so check whether or not it is required by your state.

6. Additional installation

Do not worry if your parents or anyone living on the granny pod is not familiar with modern equipment such as microwave or sort. Because everything on this pod is made with that consideration in mind thus installing new equipment on the pods are not recommended.

7. Cost and budget

Usually, how much is the cost needed to get one of this? If you are interested, then you will be paying around $85,000 to $125,000 more or less depending on the products.

There is the significant difference between granny pods with 1 and two bedrooms floor plans. The granny pod’s floor plans two bedrooms do not only requires a little bit more space but will also cost significantly more money.

However, never worry about the safety features available, even the cheapest one will have padded floor, railings on the bathroom, and other features that make the elderly have a more comfortable place to live.

Although the name is granny pods, this product is not limited to be used only for the old since you can always check some of the granny pod’s floor plans and get one just for your private place.

Just make sure that you let your neighbors know with some permission required before you build the one.

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