Functional Basement Design Ideas

Basement actually becomes the room which is not strange at all in many homes. However, there is no doubt that in the most homes, it becomes the space which is neglected a lot. It will be the place which is identical with the dark, dirty, and damp environment. It will not be pretty useful if people just use the basement for their storage area after all.

There will be some ideas for remodeling the basement so people are able to get the basement which is more functional and comfortable at the same time. Here are the great basement design ideas which people should try.

Man Cave with Rustic Style

Man in the house will always need a space where he can spend time together with friends. However, it cannot be done properly because the house does not come with enough space for instance. There is no need to worry because the neglected basement can be utilized as the man cave.

For increasing the comfort in this area, people can use the rustic style. The basement can be made into entertainment area which is specialized for men with various kinds of attraction for men including playing pool, watching the movies, or just having a wine tasting.

Gathering Place

Basement commonly becomes the place which is avoided by many people in the house because it is dirty, damp, and even spooky. Nevertheless, people should not waste the space which can be provided by the basement after all. In this circumstance, they need to remodel their basement.

There is no doubt that making the basement into gathering place must be one of great basement design ideas. Without having to sacrifice the open space in the house for family time, people will be able to create the basement into the cozy nooks by placing the right furniture arrangement.

Warm Basement Design Ideas

There is no more need to worry that people will experience kind of coldness when they enter their basement as long as they can bring the warmth as well as energy into their basement decoration.

When people want to make the seating area in the basement for watching movies for instance, they only need to make sure that they choose the bold and playful color as the accent in the basement.

White can be chosen as dominant color for the ceiling and the wall. Orange can be chosen as the accent color which can warm and brighten the basement seating area.

Beautiful Ceiling

Because it is basement, it does not mean that people are able to ignore the ceiling. Ceiling actually will play very great role for building the area which does not feel like basement after all.

People should pay attention to the ceiling decoration properly so it can be useful for adding the depth and also the charm in the basement no matter what kind of function which will be brought by the basement. It can be done by choosing the warm color scheme.

Recessed lighting can also be applied for the ceiling besides the molding installation for enhancing the details of the ceiling.

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