Full Grain Leather Sofa

Have you ever heard about full grain leather sofa? The leather sofa is the best choice to get a perfect sofa. But there are some types of leather, and the best leather is full grain leather. Especially when the leather applied to the couch, it brings out the best look and quality for the sofa. Here the information about full grain leather couch you should know.

full grain leather corner sofa

The Benefits of Full Grain Leather Sofa

Have you known about full grain leather? Full-grain leather refers to the leather that has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed. It makes the leather has the best quality compared to another type of leather. Full grain leather has high fiber and also durable. So, full grain leather applied into furniture such as a sofa. It makes the sofa durable. Full grain leather has an original texture of cowhide, so it makes the leather so unique when applying in the furniture.

When you choose leather sofa, you have opted for the best choice for having comfortable sofa. By having full grain leather couch, you will have good appearance sofa which is adamant, durable and also resist to moisture very well. Other leather may not resist to moisture, so it easy to damage. But when you have full grain leather sofa, you can get a couch that does have not only the right appearance but also has the best quality.

How to Clean Full Grain Leather Sofa

Although full grain leather is the best kind of leather, you should care for it well to make it last longer and always looks so great. By cleaning full grain leather sofa, you will make your sofa looks good.

The first step you can do to prevent any damages of whole grain sofa is avoiding the sofa from any substances that will cause damage to it. For example, you should be careful to put some water or drink during sitting on the couch. Make sure that no substance spills on the sofa.
full grain leather sofa sectional

Next is about “salt stains”. You just need to clean it by using a damp cloth. Salt stain included into the surface stain, so the treatment to clean it doesn’t require sophisticated treatment. Clean it by using dump material multiple times to get the clean full grain leather sofa.

But when you have spilled water, drink or other substance on the couch, try to clean it by using clean paper towel first. Then, try to clean it by using leather cleaner. But, make sure that the cleaner is of full grain leather. Pour the leather cleaner to the soft cloth, and wipe the stain gently to make the sofa good as before.

When the stubborn stain’s hard to be cleaned, you can use a toothbrush, and apply it with warm water and leather cleaner. Clean it until the stain disappears from the sofa. Well, those are some information for you about full grain leather couch and the way to clean it.

So, have you decided to buy full grain leather sofa now? You can buy it as soon as possible to have the best sofa for your living room.