Framing a Basement Carefully Is a Must

Framing a basement needs to be very careful because a basement is usually below our house. A basement is directly under our house’s foundation. Not every house has a basement though. To frame your basement properly is very important. It is like a skeleton of the whole basement structure. You need to frame the ceilings and the walls of your basements well.

A basement is usually for keeping items such as a boiler, a washing machine, old things, any kinds of tools, etc. The air conditioning system, water heater system, breaker panel, fuse box, car park, and electrical distribution system are usually set in a basement. Not only storing, some people also can have other activities in the basements, like sleeping, especially if there are friends, relatives, or family members come over your house.

In a luxurious housing complex where we can find expensive houses, the basements of the houses are built in a very high standard, sometimes the basements are also for living space. How can we frame a basement in a right way?

Things to consider before framing a basement:

  1. Beware of any water problems. You need to make sure that the place where you want to set a basement is dry. Drips from the below grade walls, cracks in the foundation of your house, and pools of water are needed to be take care of. If there are even a bit of problems, you need to repair.
  2. Frame the walls first, because they are slow and uneasy to build.
  3. Go around and check every wall with its corner and to find out if you really have the blocking set properly.
  4. Go to local government to ask for permission, especially if you want to set plumbing and electricity systems.
  5. Check if there are studs in the walls.
  6. Set insulation for the cold and warm and the warmth. It will control the basement’s temperature and moisture, and also set spray foam insulation.
  7. Set insulation in the entire basement ceiling if you do not want loud voice from the kitchen above, or from other rooms of the house, and also around the HVAC room and a bathroom in the basement.
  8. Be careful with the dust as well. Make sure you have covers for all your stuff stored in the basement.
  9. Use removable ceiling tiles for easy access for electrical and plumbing lines.
  10. Set baseboard heating vents at floor level in order not to rely on space heaters so much.
  11. Use a light fixture
  12. Make sure you buy the best lumber.
  13. If you have with all the things above, make sure you design your basement.
  14. Make sure you cover the basements poles properly
  15. Make sure you set the piping system properly
  16. Make sure you have the best basement doors and windows.
  17. Make sure you install fire blocking

Are you now ready to buy a house which has a basement? Or are you going to build it yourself? Or are you going to remodel your basement? There many ways to have a basement in your house. The thing is, we agree that framing a basement needs a very careful handling.

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