Finishing Unpainted Furniture Considerations

So you just made your first DIY furniture, but now there is a problem how to finish your unpainted furniture that you just made? Well, there are various kinds of finishes that you can choose. But if this is your first DIY furniture then you probably do not have enough experience to do the most complicated stuff. If you do, though, do not worry because we are here to help you solve that very problem.

Finishing Unpainted Furniture Newbie Guide

Now, to fix this problem completely, there are steps to follow and make sure that you follow every step just like what’s detailed in the guide. First thing first, we need to know how to paint unpainted furniture first.

Read these steps only if you have a plan to paint your furniture, some people preferred their furniture to be as natural as possible and went right to the finishing touch. However, for those who wish to paint their creation, here are some tips you need to follow:

  1. When buying the paint, you need to consider the surface area of the furniture that you need to paint, buying more is recommended.
  2. Depending on the base material of your furniture, you probably need to buy more paint as some stuff needs you to pour more paint to get properly soaked in.
  3. If you think that painting the furniture takes too much time, then you can borrow sunder electric to make the process a lot faster. If you do plan to create more of your furniture then by all means, please do buy your sunder electric as it is going to be an essential tool.
  4. After the paint is dried, do not get to the finishing process right away instead you need to sand it first. If you use a primer before you apply your primary color paint, then you need to sand it after the primer is dried. Sand it once again after the primary color paint is also dried.

After the painting process comes the last part which is the unpainted furniture finishing process. There are a lot of different kinds of finishes that you can try, but the most common types used are the gloss, latex, acrylic, water-based, and semi-gloss.

If you are a newbie, then it is recommended trying only the mentioned types above because they are easier to apply and it is easy to get the result that is satisfactory.

Finishing Ideas

There is not much to think or consider when to apply the finish, but here are some things that you need to find. The type of the material since this is of particular importance if you decide not to paint your furniture to go for the natural looks, for example, making furniture from a large log of wood.

Second, make sure you sand the surface area of the furniture evenly. It is to guarantee that the finish is going to be perfect thus just dust it first before applying the finishing for your furniture. That’s several guides to follow when you want to finish unpainted furniture with a whole appearance in the end.

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