Finishing a Basement

It must be nice to get your hand dirty to build and to decorate your own house. There are a lot of things to be considered before you turn a usual house to be your dream house. From the colors of the paint, home decor, furniture and so on.

Sometimes people do not hire an architect to give advice of what their house will look like. This case happens when you buy an abandon or an old house or even you just buy an empty land.

Some people might have the vision already of what they will turn it into. From the hall, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, nursery room, kids’ room and even the yard.

Mostly every house has a basement. Basement is a room with hard concrete full of packages and dozens of your unnecessary things.

Finishing a basement can be tricky. But if you have enough imagination and you browse enough information, you can turn your basement into functional and amazing space.

The framing of ceilings and walls of the basement is the important foundation to finish a basement. Besides, your basement is not just a storage and utility area.

If you have a pretty good skills and technique, you can turn your basement into a warm inviting room like another room in the house.

One thing you should know is that finishing a basement is not an easy job.

What thing should you focus on?

  • Minimize the moisture problem when you want to work on masonry walls
  • Obstructions must be surrounded by the framing such as pipes, post and heating ducts
  • Clean outs and valves must be accessible
  • Finishing and framing of some walls which are half wood frame and half masonry. In framing, it will need your basic skill in carpentering. It also needs a hammer drill for fastening the concrete

You have to check the condition of your basement first whether you have a dry or wet basement. If you have basement which is damp or wet, you have to take care of it. You need to prepare sheet of plastic maximum 2.5 feet square to the masonry.

If there are moisture’s in the front side of your plastic, it means you have condensation. You have to note in your mind that spending much money and time for finishing your basement will not make sense if the moisture and leak are still keep showing especially it will invite molds to grow there.

Applying water resistant to the surfaces of interior will help you to manage this problem.

What are the steps to finish the basement?

  • The first step is framing and insulating
  • The second step is building the soffits at the ceiling and walls
  • The third step is framing the partition walls
  • The fourth step is building the frame around the obstructions

What are the materials that are needed for finishing basement?

  • 9d nails
  • 17d nails
  • Fiberglass
  • Screws
  • Lumber
  • Adhesive’s foam
  • Extruded insulation
  • Adhesive’s construction

Don’t forget to prepare all these materials instead of 5 minutes shopping. You can read the detail instruction in the book or simply watch the tutorial of finishing a basement on YouTube.

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