Fascinating Modern Apartment Surrounded by Warm and Airy Feeling

The reason why this modern apartment located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, special for us is its charming interior. Wonderfully displays the bright and airy all-white interior design, this modern living space provides the warm feeling from the lovely wooden details.

Creating the simple look without neglecting the beauty aspect, this Brazilian apartment designed beautifully by Laclau + Borelli Arquitectos Asociados certainly will show you how beauty often comes in simplest forms.

Fresh Bedroom Corner Interior of Apartment Luz Decorated with Wood Wall and Mounted Unvarnished Wooden Storage

Let’s start exploring this living space, entitled as Luz Apartment, from its open living area first. Its open plan certainly allows this living area to be ultra-spacious.

Besides, the white interior as part of this modern apartment design undoubtedly will accentuate that impression.

However, you can see the adorable and lovely raw wooden texture wrapping the flooring beautifully, which pale color blends easily with the white surface, creating the consistency of bright interior.

Despite the beautiful match between the white and raw wooden surfaces, you can also see the use of deeper yet still bright wooden shade as part of this apartment interior concept.

Bright Bedroom Design of Modern Apartment Luz with White Bed Linen and Dark Brown Duvet as Bedding Concept

Our favorite is the gorgeous wooden texture and surface that wraps each of functional furniture.

Keeping up with the simple and minimalist approach for the modern interior perfectly, see how the wooden accent may provide the eye-catchy look while providing the desired amenities as well.

Sophisticated Home Office Design Idea of Apartment Luz Decorated with Cap Collection White Racks Mounted on White Wall

The minimalist approach for this apartment interior has pushed the team from the designer to cleverly decorate as well as furnishing each room creatively.

You can see the successful proof in this kitchen space. Despite its stylish modern look from the shiny silver splash accenting this all-white room, you can see the simple yet heartwarming decoration idea.

Modern Living Room Design of Apartment Luz Furnished with Mounted Wooden Racks above Classical Wooden Cabinets

Painting the large cupboard in chalkboard paint, you can see how this modern apartment interior design for the kitchen may appear really homey due the ease to employ this surface as notepad as well as drawing space for the kids.

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