Multifunctional Edible Landscaping Ideas

In nowadays landscaping trend, function likely to be the second vital aspect of establishing in addition to the factor of beauty. One significant reason is edible; where the garden dedicated to serving double duty benefits in adorning the outdoor spaces around your home all at once become the homegrown supplies of vegetables and edible fruits. That’s sound amazing, right!

Having a garden that contains edible plants can save your money especially if you wish to have combo platter for every dinner. Just starting with the idea, you can expand the concept to the healthier organic farming around your house without lacking the term of beauty.

Unlimited combinations of flowers will correctly function to disguise some veggies that don’t have like blossom flowers. Not a matter of the space size you have; now you can put edible landscaping ideas into natural practice.

Edible Landscaping Ideas with Beautiful Scenery

How will you set up the garden? To reach the term of beauty, sometimes you don’t need strict rules. Whether there are two major familiar garden styles – formal and informal – of course, you can still break the rules.

Formal garden usually follows straight and geometric lines to set the shape of the beds. In the opposite, informal gardens likely to be more popular, using natural terrain as the primary garden bed. Do you plan to say no to both of them? That is fine to use your creativity.

Then consider the tone of your gardens before you can identify the rest of edible plants you will grow in between the spaces. Here you can start determining the texture, colors, flower borders and the edges to achieve the maximum yield.

Relating to what I call as no strict rules, I mean you can do inter-plant method. Use the combination of your favorite flower, vegetables and herbs might help your rest of edible plants looks blend and even more beautiful.

That is true that the combinations are endless. Start to form the hedges plants; the white, red or black currants amazingly give the shade, also, to adding visual allure when they start to bear fruits.

Edible Flowers give you Double Benefits

Try to grow kind of edible flowers combination to fill your garden. The example of following plants work well in the full-sized gardens, raised beds, as well as in the mini pots:

  • The combination of red lettuce with yellow pot marigold which is also known as yellow calendula. The mix of red and yellow colors creates a bright nuance to your garden. Lettuce is a common kitchen staple and the source of lots of nutrition. Marigolds are looks amazingly beautiful in the backyard as well as on the table, which sometimes used as the dressing.
  • The combination of curly parsley and New Zealand spinach, both have the greenery primary colors. In addition to their unique shapes that readily to adorn your garden, they are delicious too.

Extend your knowledge to have another list of edible flowers. Luckily, there are so many edible flowers species to fill up even your large sized garden or lawn.

Pest-Free by Planting These Herbs

If you are smart, inter-plant the herbs between other edible plants will give you other double bonuses.  Naturally, herbs like onions, garlic, and chives can repel most pests in your garden. Still you can use them as the main spice for cooking and salads. Parsley and Dhania also believed to act as the insect repellent. They attract beneficial insects that it will help to avoid the non-beneficial insects.

The conclusion, growing combination of flowers, herbs and vegetables will create your garden or landscape into multi-functional uses. Improve your garden or yard into double duty landscaping with unusual edible plants.

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