Dresser with Mirror: For Space Saving and New Touch in Your Space

A bedroom commonly needs various furniture includes dresser with mirror. You can keep your stuff in the chest. Clothes and cosmetics are well-managed in the dresser. Moreover, this furniture is an inevitable part of your life. You will need this furniture to help you doing makeup, fitting your dress or else. So, you do need this furniture.

Various furniture brands provide their best products. Moreover, a mirror for the dresser is available everywhere. You can buy it on nearby furniture store. You can visit any garage sale. Or you can search the online stores to find the best furniture. It may confuse you. Read and learn some dresser with mirror buying tips before buying this fantastic space-saving furniture.

Dresser with Mirror
Elegant Dresser with Mirror

Measure your Space First

Besides being the best space for keeping clothing and cosmetics, a mirror for dresser also pairs your bedroom décor. It will be a complementary piece for your bed. So your décor can be harmonious. However, finding a good chest may take some consideration. You must measure the available space previously. You should also assess the storage need of your space. And finally, completing the bedroom’s mood and furnishing is the other consideration. That’s how to find the best dresser. Besides solving your storage problem, chest also complements your décor.

Similar but Different: Dresser, Chest, and Armoire

Dresser with mirror is one of furniture that completes your storing space. You may also know some other furniture like chest or armoire. All of them are pretty similar, but they have different functions. Dressers are commonly waist-high with a larger width. It has about six to nine drawers. With its extended top surface, you can store your jewelry or display some pictures. It can be paired with mirrors and placed under windows.

Different with a dresser with mirror, the chest has three drawers or more. They are stacked to chest-height vertically. If you have limited floor space and less storage space, chest is preferable. Meanwhile, you can store the weapons on the armoire. It is featuring drawers, shelving and hanging space.

The average height of armoire is about 60 inches. Armoire is versatile and useful. The available spaces let you store the stuff. However, you should have a good space to place armoire. Those are the similar furniture with different features and functions.

White Dressing Table with Mirror
White Dressing Table with Mirror

Determine How You will mobilize

By learning the types of storage furniture, you can decide the best one. And for sure, dresser with mirror buying guide is recommended. Measuring the available space is an important consideration before buying a dresser with mirror. It determines the size of the dresser you will buy. As you have got the measurement, you can consider the depth, width, and height of your chest. People commonly place the dresser in the corner of the room. Check if the door allows the adequate space when you open it. So you can mobilize easily without hitting the chest.

Consider the Storing Way

The way you store the dress also becomes an important consideration in dresser with mirror buying tips. If your space is limited for hanging the clothes, you will need drawers for a low table. Therefore, you can fold your clothes without wrinkling. If you have bathroom items, lingerie, accessories or hosiery, and you have large walk-in closets, you need a different perspective. The best furniture for you is a dresser with small drawers. It saves your space and stores your stuff precisely.

Dresser Table with Mirror
Classic Dresser Table with Mirror

Dresser Style: Elegant Traditional Dresser with Mirror

Style can be another important consideration when buying a mirror for a dresser. You should make sure that the style of your drawer matches your décor. There are various styles that you can choose. Traditional style will never die. People always love to give a classic touch in their space, even with the small furniture like a dresser.
Classic style comes from European design which is famous during 17th – 19th century. The features are detailed carvings, architectural flourishes, and intricate designs. Those elements are applied in the rich and dark wood tones. It has antique and elegant touches that can bring statement for your space.

Modern Dressing Table
Modern Dressing Table with Led Light

Dresser with Mirror Style: Contemporary and Modern Designs – How to Deal with Lines

If you are fond of clean and geometric lines instead of additional ornamentation, the contemporary dresser is recommended. The wood tones are medium or light. It also features some accent of stone, ceramic, and metal. You can build such a unique atmosphere with this dresser with mirror. It is a light, calm and decorative mood. It suits any color and theme of your space.

The other option for those who love lines, modern design is an excellent choice. Different to the contemporary design, the modern design deals with asymmetrical lines. The surfaces are sleek. The function and form are emphasized. Decoration? It doesn’t have. The appearance is neat that bring some touch for a bedroom with the neutral and straightforward design.

Rustic Pine Dresser with Mirror
Rustic Pine Dresser with Mirror

Dresser Style: Natural Touch with Rustic Dresser

Countryside or rustic style becomes one of the styles. Natural elements inspire the designers to create the unique design. The dresser may have either natural wood or milk-painted finishes. The other feature details with craftsman-style. Those styles are some dresser with mirror buying guide before buying a bureau.

Besides the styles, materials are also necessary; wood, glass, or wicker. The sturdiest material is wood which is also durable. Wood has several types include softwood, hardwood, or composite wood. Recycled wood which has been compressed using glue and heat becomes the material of composite wood. MDF or Medium density fiberboard also becomes the material of dresser. All those materials are now famous and widely applied.

Consider the Quality

Materials, furthermore, also determine how long your mirror for dresser will survive. Solid wood is famous for its durability. Make sure that it features the tongue-and-groove method. Avoid the tables with nails, glue, and staples as they signify low-quality construction. Make sure also that the wood is kiln-dried. Kiln-dried wood will prevent splitting and peeling.

How to Deal with Mirror

The mirror is the essential part of the dresser with mirror. It usually features frames to make a statement. Make sure that the mirror has an excellent proportion to the chest’s size. Besides, ensure that the mirror also complements the whole decoration of your room. If you have a small room, a mirror for dresser can be a great option as it brings more spacious atmosphere to your room.

When you want to have more storage in a simple way, pick multi-unit dresser set. Besides saving the space, the price is rather affordable than you buy per item. By learning those tips, you can be more considerate to find the best dresser. Finally, having the best chest to keep your stuff is no longer impossible. Have a good time.