Tips to Choose Dining Tables and Chairs

Today many dining tables and chairs that are offered in various shapes, sizes and materials. So when you are going to buy, you must take into account whether he dining table set is matching with your home décor, both in terms of appearance and the spacious rooms. In addition, you have to consider about what the best material for the dining table set.

Currently, the market or furniture stores have available of dining table. It can be made of wood, metal, glass, or even the combination of those three materials. And each material has the each value and different purpose and style. Some of them can be used in long term, but some not. Some models are suitable for kids, but some not. So every family has different needs.

Choose Dining Tables and Chairs Materials

Therefore, it is very important to consider when you decided to buy the dining table for your home, there are some factors that must be paid attention, such as how long you want to have, it is significant with the longevity and the durability, the maintenance must be easy, safe for children, and it must be matching with the home décor. Here are the reviews about the alternatives materials in choosing the dining table.


The furniture that is made of wood has various prices. it depends on the type of the wood. The advantages of wood as the main material is the material tends to be sturdy, looks beautiful, even though the quality of the wood is low quality.

In the term of safety, wood is more secure and hard. But in the other hand, the disadvantage of the wood material makes the furniture easily to peek and scraped. The hardwood such as oak and teak are more durable.

The solid wood material tends to have the long term durability, and the performance looks more beautiful. In contrast, the solid wood is heavier and the price is more expensive. While the soft wood is lighter and cheaper but it is easily scratched, you can add glass to cover the surface of the dining table.


The glass material is often used in modern and minimalist home style. This usually used because the glass gives more modern impression. The price is also cheaper. With the thickness of the glass about 10 mm, the dining table is safer and strong enough to use at home.

The weakness in using the glass material is fragile. However, if it used carefully, you don’t need to worry. When choosing the dining table with glass material, you have to create the curve in the corners or rounding to make it safer to minimize the collision. To get the best result, you can choose the tempered glass. Tempered glass is safer than the ordinary glass.


Metal material for the dining tables and chairs has many advantages. The thickness and the types are various. This material is strong and not easily to damage and scratched. The aluminium material can be chosen because it is more economical, light, and easy to care. While, the stainless steels material make the dining room looks more modern and sophisticated.

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