5 Custom Fireplace Doors Types to Consider

Most often than not, a house with a fireplace will have no door, and that is why it is very refreshing to see a house with custom fireplace doors.

The door on your fireplace will make the room feels a lot of stylish especially if the fireplace and the door’s design go hand in hand with the overall design of the chamber. Here we take a look at the most attractive fireplace door designs available.

Various custom fireplace doors

1. Sliding door

If you have a modern contemporary house with a similar theme in your living room, then the sliding door is one of the best choices for your fireplace.

Among other modern custom fireplace doors, the sliding door gives you the elegance like no other. It is a very trendy choice for any modern house.

But it is not without a problem because it has a sliding mechanism, it will require a lot more room for it to slide. This means that your fireplace must be wide enough to accommodate the door. It is probably best suited for a large living room.

2. Classic metal door

Classical style door for a traditional style fireplace, nothing beats metal doors for your fireplace. Of course, these steel doors are more suited for your fireplace if it’s made from stone or the like.

Furthermore, these metal doors are relatively more durable than other types of doors on this list, and it takes a little time and resources for maintenance as well.

3. Ironhaus metal door

A different kind of metal door to the previous one, the ironhaus metal door is something you get if you want something classy for your room. The Ironhaus Company provides a lot of different custom fireplace doors style that you can pick; you can even request for some design that you prefer to the finished product.

Overall, although it is also well suited for traditional and classical style room, the Ironhaus metal door provide a lot more style than the plain classical one. However, it does cost more money.

4. Split door

One of the most common types of fireplace door, the split door is very simple but is highly customizable.

The materials used for this kind of door are also varied; many of the Ironhaus products are also split door, and you can even make your own.

Due to its highly versatile nature, you can always go with this choice if you cannot find any stores with fireplace door of your liking.

5. Glass door

It is a super stylish fireplace door that suits any types of fireplace or room. The glass door allows you to full view everything without any risk.

It is perfect for a classic fireplace and modern as well, although it might not be as durable as the other type due to it using glass as the primary material. Another big problem with this stylish door is it requires proper maintenance often.

Of course, there are other style doors out there, but many of them are only suited if you have a particular fireplace, these five custom fireplace doors are very versatile and can be used on various kinds of room.

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