Creative Remodeling Unfinished Basement Ideas

An unfinished basement that exposed the joints and concrete floor look cold and dry, isn’t it? Rather than neglecting your basement that can turn into a scary place for your children, you can transform it become an inviting space. Follow these creative remodeling unfinished basement ideas to create an additional room inside your home.

Basement Poles Turn Into Additional Storage and Room Divider

In every basement there are always two or more poles from reclaimed barn wood, concrete, or stone. If your basement has a large space, you can turn the poles into a room divider. Rather than covering it, you can make it become an additional storage for additional function.

Make open shelves at the top part and concealed storage at the down part. You can put photos, books, figures, toys, or greenery on the shelves and save other remaining items in the storage. In a way, you can split the basement into two different rooms. One room for work and the other one is a relaxing room such as for watching movie.

Lay Down Foam Mats to Cover Concrete Floor

Most of unfinished basements have concrete floor with uneven surface. Instead of spending time install tiles or ceramics, you can change them with lay down foam mats. It’s an affordable way to soften up for work or playtime.

You can find different sizes and colors foam mats. You can simply join them like a puzzle. You can also go creative by choosing two different colors and create chessboard mats on the floor. If you want to change the looks, you can easily pick them up or move then store in the storage.

Another option to cover the floor is using rug. Big or small, you can put it under the area where you usually spend most of your time in the basement room.

String Some Additional Lighting

Since basement build in the lower ground area, it lacks of natural light. Even more, basement is usually only decorated with some naked bulb fixtures in the ceiling and few electrical outlets. Somehow, that’s why it looks darker and unwelcoming.

If want to change it become more livable room, you need to bring more lights in. You can install several strings of lights into the space for more decorative looks. If you think it doesn’t enough light, you can choose brighter lights.

In case the basement has high windows installed near the ceiling, it’s a big help to bring the natural lights outside in at the daytime. You can use this spot to create reading nook where you can get more lights.

Create a Canopy to Cover the Ceiling

Some unfinished basements have rafter ceiling that look cold without anything hanging on it. To soften the looks and create an amazing focal point above, you can create a canopy inside the basement. Use swaths of fabrics to create the beautiful canopy and hang a chandelier in the center of canopy. In other way, canopy can help you to enhance the soothing feeling inside the room.

With low cost and labor force, these unfinished basement ideas can creatively remodel your basement to a comfortable living space.

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