8 Cool Basement Ideas You Must Try

Do you know that several cool basement ideas can live up the room atmosphere, change the function, and elevate your house value? Basement is no longer a leftover room for you to store things only. In fact, you can have a lot more fun with the following spectacular ideas.

Guest Bedroom

Your basement can be a beautiful big guest bedroom with own bathroom and more spaces for small seating areas. It’s perfect for your grandchildren or family members with kids. It accommodates them and provides them with enough facilities. Plus, it gives them and you the needed privacy.

Movie Theater

If you are afraid that kids wake up, you should agree with these ideas. Your basement will keep the noise away, and you can also have the needed atmosphere for a movie theater. The best part is you will have enough space for your DVD collections and a snack bar!

Music Room

If you like listening to music or dancing on it, you should consider remodeling your basement. In fact, you can also make your dance floor in the room, so you can have a little party down here with some of your friends. You should consider sound insulation system if you like the music loud.


The basement should provide you enough room to make a personal gym. If you install mirrors on the walls too, it will give bigger space looking. You will need to install rugs and carpet though so you need to check for air circulation and leaking issues.

Date Room as Cool Basement Ideas

The basement is an excellent location for a dated room, remote and private. It doesn’t have to date room for single people. You can invite your wife for special occasions on this room, so you have your won privacy and get a little away from the kids. She’ll love it.

Seating Areas

If your house is too small and you like inviting friends over, you should consider changing your basement into seating areas in which you can invite more people over and have a drink together. In fact, you can have your little bar in here too.

Extra Dining Room

Several people have big families, so when the occasion is right, they need to invite more people. Basement can accommodate your guests. Space allows you larger tables and more chairs. Plus, the noise will not bother the neighbor. You only need excellent decoration to set the right atmosphere.

Secret Library

Being remote and away of everything? The basement is the right space for your library. Space allows you to have many bookshelves at once, and more relaxing sofas and chairs with snack and drink bar to accompany you. Make sure the room is clean, and air circulation is right without leaking issues exist.

Those ideas are meant to change the way you look in your basement and the way you function it as well. It doesn’t have to be an average and dark, boring room. Give yourself a project and try one of those cool basement ideas.

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