How to Choose Pool Table Room Size Suit with Space

Choose your pool table room size that suit with your space is not easier than thinking. Understand on how the different pool table room sizes varying homeowners and other persons in looking for the right size for their location.

The first thing that the owner that want to buy pool table need to do is doing measurements into their space include the lengths of the entire walls. After the whole room areas are measured, the homeowner should subtract the pool table lengths that they are considered to place start from the center.

When the areas are measured, it is crucial for left enough room for players to move around and stand around into the pool table from entire sides. But record that it also require sufficient flexibility for an attempt that shots put on the table. It also needs extra space for pool cues.

Other Considerations need to keep in Minds

Before you choose to make decisions to buy your pool table room size, it is several points that you can make before you buy one. Many manufacturers provide pool table, consider and decide whether you want to choose the simplest table pool or buy the ornate pool table design.

The stylish design may offer a unique look to your table pool, but remember that the elaborate design also means that you need to take more extra space even when the table surface seems to be fit. Next is considering for your storage option.

The storage consideration will reduce the amount of space required when you need. To solve this, you can choose the table pool that designed with built-in storage options, or you can choose the ball and cues rack for helping you to save your space.

The pool table room size fitted

The typical pool table room size for homeowner or apartments are derived from 7, 8 and 9-foot length table. Those can décor and design with accessories such as pool cue rack and others. Here is a guide for you to buy right pool table room size for your home.

  • For the 7-foot table length, it is advisable and recommended for a room that fitted into spaces up to 11.5 feet to 14.5 feet. This room size can use 48-inch pool cues. If the rooms are larger in spaces up to 12 feet length into 15 lengths, it can use 52-inch pool cue. In-room those spaces up to 13 feet length to 16 feet.
  • For eight foot table, the rooms are fitted to pair with a 48-inch pool cue in the chamber with spaces up to 12 feet to 15.5 feet. For option with a 52-inch pool cue, the room should fit into 12.5 feet length to 16 feet length. The larger one, 13.5 feet to 17 feet large can use 8-inch pool cue.
  • The larger standard one, 9 feet table pools are available for a room that has spaces up to 12.5 feet and 16.5 feet to add with a 48-inch pool cue. For a room that spaces up to 13 feet to 17 feet, it has 52-inch pool cue available for right pool table room size.

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