Chenille Sofa: the Right Choice for Stylish Living Room

Are you in the middle of planning your living room design? We are sure that you won’t forget about putting the sofa and all sorts of chairs there. However, we should know what the best to choose for such room. It is a living room we are talking about here. It should have offered comfy feeling while contributing stylish look for the chamber. We suggest that chenille sofa would be the best choice for that. This sofa has everything needed for comfy and stylish living room after all. For you to be sure, let’s discuss this sofa here in this opportunity.

Knowing What Chenille Fabric Is

Indeed, chenille sofa is a sofa made of or to be exact upholstered with chenille fabric. So, what is chenille fabric? As the name suggests in French, chenille is a type of yarn or fabric that resembles caterpillar’s fur. The material used for it can be cotton, acrylic, rayon, olefin, wool, or silk. You would find this fabric bumpy and soft at the same time. Due to its high quality, this fabric is often used for making curtains. Well, of course, chenille fabric is commonly used for upholstery too.

Chenille Fabric Sofa
Traditional Chenille Fabric Sofa Living Room Furniture

Learning More of Chenille Fabric Sofa

No one can resist the soft, dense, and fuzzy feel from chenille fabric. It has a cozy look and soft touch. It is just the perfect fabric for seat upholstery in the living room. Not to mention, chenille fabric upholstery is durable too. Why it can be so is because this sofa has a tight weave, right pile direction, and pre-treated fabric finishes. Since this is what chenille fabric features, we can say that it can offer the best durability possible for long-lasting comfort. We can expect no less from it.

Those features can be understood more from its manufacture. The short lengths of yarn, “pile”, are placed between 2 “core yarns”. Then, they must be twisted together. The reason behind chenille fabric sofa’s softness and the characteristic look is because the “pile” edges stand at the right angles from the “core”. The fibers work splendidly to catch the light in a different way, resulting in a different look in one direction. That is why it is easy to notice how chenille can be different in its look if we try to compare it with other fabrics for the sofa.

Complete Chenille Sofa Sets to Choose

There is no doubt that chenille sofa will give us the best things to be part of the design of the living room. Let’s get down looking for some choices to buy here. If you don’t want to experience the hassle of looking for every piece of living room furniture separately, you must consider chenille sofa sets to choose. As a set, the couch will come with other furniture besides itself. If you choose it, it reduces your time to look for other pieces. Also, all pieces in one set come with a matching look and design.

Antique Chenille Sofa Sets
Antique Tan Brown Chenille Sofa Sets

Not to mention, you might get reduced price as well. If you want us to recommend, why not considering Dreena Collection 3pc Set: Sofa, Loveseat, & Chair then? This chenille set sure is complete; one person can sit on the chair, two people on the loveseat, and three people on the sofa. It might be traditional in its style, but such style is the best one to offer warm, comfy look in the room. Furthermore, all pieces in this set are crafted with the finest solid woods and veneers. Thus, you can be sure that they are all robust and durable.

Chenille Sofa and Chenille Loveseat

If you want another choice, we have chenille sofa and loveseat great to consider here. For three people to sit on, we suggest you choose FurnitureMaxx Emelen Contemporary Brown Chenille Upholstery Fabric Sofa. This chenille sofa comes with stylish rolled arms, comfortable back, and seating cushions. So that you know, low melt fiber wrapped over high quality foam constructs the cushion cores very well. It is what makes the sofa feel comfortable. Moreover, it uses plush gray chenille upholstery fabric on, making it look calm and warm while looking cool at the same time.

How about the loveseat then? Since it is for two people, you should go with the chic one. So, we have Flash Furniture Riverstone Object Expresso Chenille Loveseat to offer here. This chenille fabric loveseat features a contemporary design with straight upholstered arms, making it fit any modern living room design. Its brown color just adds warmth to the chamber. Of course, this loveseat offers soft touch as well. Also, there are decorative toss pillows to give you more comfort and stylish look for the room. This is a just perfect seat for partners in the comfy living room at home.

Chenille Sectional Sofa
Durable Chenille Sectional Sofa

Chenille Sectional Sofa for Handy Use

There are all sorts of designs for living room’s sofa. Other than a regular sofa, chair, and loveseat, there is still sectional sofa to take into account. A sectional sofa will come in handy if you wish to change the formation of the couch from time to time. Not to mention, it would even be perfect to place in the corner. If you choose chenille sectional sofa, we guarantee that you will get the best choice to realize comfy and stylish living room. Of course, we have one choice here worth to spend your money. For handy use too, this sectional sofa should make a perfect choice.

This sectional sofa goes by the name Acme 15230 Caisy Chenille Fabric Sectional Sofa. The construction of this sofa includes materials, like chenille, solid wood, plywood frame, and plastic leg. Its durability is not something you can doubt. It is because this chenille fabric sectional sofa has durable chocolate chenille fabric and solid hardwood frame on it. Such durability can ensure the long-lasting comfort that people always want. Also, it has a chocolate finish on it, making this sofa capable of giving comfy and stylish feel with such warm look.

To Sum Up

We can be sure that sofa made of chenille material can be fantastic in just every aspect we need for home design. It is stylishly warm in its look, soft in its touch, comfortable in its feel, and durable in its construction.

What can you ask more from a product this good? This seat coming in various ways as a set, loveseat, and sectional sofa, and offers great options worth to choose. You can never go wrong with chenille sofa. Designing your living room with this sofa will make the room feel comfy and look stylish at the same time.