Bathroom Vanity Lighting Tips

A bathroom is a place where you start and end your day. It’s where you get ready in the morning and relax after a long day at work. Proper lighting is crucial. Light makes the decor and ambiance in your bathroom. One of the most prominent corners is the bathroom vanity. The lighting should optimize its functionality and decoration. Here are some bathroom vanity lighting tips you can use.

Optimize your task lighting

Task lighting is the lighting to help you see yourself better. Task lighting at the mirror of your vanity is vital because it illuminates your head area for grooming purposes. This task lighting makes it possible for you to apply your makeup, shave, do the dental care, and so on.

There are many ways you can do wrong with this lighting. One thing is installing recessed light fixtures right above the mirror. By doing this, the lights will cast shadows in odd places. Right under your eyes, nose, cheeks, and chins. Not only this is not flattering, but this also will not be ideal for applying makeup or shaving.

You won’t use those foundations and powder evenly; you may want to say goodbye to that perfect cat eye too! If you’re a man, you will miss unshaved spots too. Every man needs to look good with that clean-shaved face without having stubble every here and there.

What you can do is by mounting sconces or vertical fixtures at eye level on either side of the mirror. Or you can frame your mirror with lighting fixtures to get better illumination. That way you can eliminate those unwanted ugly dark shadows on your face.

Accentuate your bathroom vanity lighting

Task lighting is all about functionality; now we talk about decorating the vanity. Accent lights can give your different bathroom dimensions to make it more appealing. Use small recessed directional light fixtures as accent lights.

You can accentuate your vanity by mounting accent lights underneath your wall-mounted mirror. Not only your vanity, but you can also emphasize decorative art piece in your bathroom, a flower bouquet, or even that beautiful antique basin. Don’t forget to make sure that the accent lights hit the wanted target and are symmetrical.

Choosing light tubes

There are many kinds of light bulbs you can use for your bathroom vanity lighting. For task lighting, you want bright white lights for maximum illumination to your face. You can use halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, or LED. Halogen bulbs have a crisp white light that renders your complexion apparently.

Fluorescent bulbs give you bright white lights to help you get a better view of your reflection in the mirror. LED has the most intensity, small wattage on LED equivalents to larger wattage on other bulbs.

Accent lighting can use from incandescent and halogen bulbs. Use lower wattage on accent lighting. Incandescent bulbs are perfect if you want to give warm temperature and romantic ambiance in your bathroom. Incandescent bulbs have warmer light color and softer lighting effects.

Those are the tips we have for your bathroom vanity lighting. Now you’re ready to try implementing them to your bathroom decor.

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