Bar Height vs Counter Height Stools

Bar height vs counter height stools often become a consideration to choose the most suitable and comfortable one. You have to know the difference between the two options. Some people mistakenly thought that bar and counter stools are same. The two stools are different and mostly having different heights. If you understand the difference of the two stools, you will not be disappointed when choosing and purchasing any stools. It will not too short or too tall for the counter, bar or table.

The Height of Bar Stool Seat

Bar height counters, bars, and tables are commonly made in 40 – 42 inches. If you have a table in this height, then you should buy the right stools for the bar height; 29 – 31 inches. The bar stools will make you comfortably sit while enjoying the meals or drinks. Besides, you also have plenty space underneath the table or countertop for your legs and knees.

The Height of Counter Stool Seat

The kitchen countertops and tables in counter height are usually 36 inches from the base. You will not have plenty room under the table for your legs and knees if you choose the same stools in bar height; 29-30 inches. In this such lower tables or counters, you should choose bar stools in the right height; 24 – 26 inches from the base.

Measure the Height Correctly

When you consider the bar height vs counter height stools, you should measure the table or counter correctly. The measurement will help you determine the height of the counter, bar or table as well as the distance from the floor and the eating surface, so you get the maximal comfort.

To measure the height of stools or chairs, measure the length from the floor to the top of the seat. If the stools have a back side, you shouldn’t gauge the height because it isn’t the important factor to determine which position to take.

The Comfortable Measurement for Bar Stools

No matter what to choose; bar height vs counter height stools, providing the plenty room is necessary to make sure the comfort. Make sure you leave about 9 – 13 inches clearance between the countertop and the top of the stools. It will not go the too close distance that presses your thighs to the countertop’s bottom.

Additionally, if you are going to choose swivel seats that have armrests, you should prepare the ample space among the stools. It will prevent bumping the bulging arms together once you rotate the positions.

More Considerations

There are some stools made in chair height about 18 – 19 inches from the base. This type of seats has the right height as the chairs of dining tables that are commonly in about 29 – 30 inches of height. It is important to bring a measuring tape when you are shopping the stools.

The different seat heights may mislead in choosing if you want the stools by only look the height; not measure it. In this way, you will not be confused or mislead in selecting bar height vs counter height stools.

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