Bar Height Kitchen Table vs Standard Countertop Height

Bar height kitchen table is one of the most favorite kitchen table types chosen by many homeowners. This kind of kitchen table also becomes an ideal place for the homeowners to have some breakfast or snacks with family in the kitchen area. Besides, the bar height will bring the relaxing and invite café or bar atmosphere into the kitchen.

To improve the comfort, you should provide the table at the perfect height. Then, what is the difference of kitchen table height in standard and bar type? You will know them from some information below.

The Standard Kitchen Table Height

Kitchen table and countertops commonly have the same height. In the standard kitchen, the height is about 36 inches high. Meanwhile, the height of the cabinetry and appliances installation also depends on the countertop height as well as the average of the homeowner’s height in consideration of comfort gotten when they work with the height.

The measurement of the height isn’t determined precisely; because individual stone or tile types may increase the height in some inches. On the other hand, the other materials such as Formica might make the standard bar height kitchen table and countertops.

Countertops in the Lower Height

For those with the shorter physical condition will feel less comfort when working with kitchen countertops in standard height. The kitchen table and countertops with the height are under the norm should be customized. It will also be necessary to make the countertops fit the cabinetry and appliances height.

When you want to determine a perfect height for your countertops, you can rest your hands on it and then make sure that your elbows make 45 degrees of angle. Those who have a lower height than the standard commonly have a kitchen table and countertops with 32 inches of height. This kind of kitchen is also applicable for those with special needs or disables.

The Countertop in Taller Height

Homeowners in the taller body must bend while facing a standard bar height kitchen table. It must be less comfortable too for them to prepare some cooks. For such tall people, kitchen countertops and table in 38 – 39 inches of height will be ergonomic and comfortable enough. If you also have such problem of the higher physical condition, customize the cabinets, kitchen appliances, countertops and tables will be much better. It will be more comfortable and worthwhile the expense.

The Bar Height Kitchen Table Island

Kitchen Island with eat-in bar is a favorite feature available in the modern kitchen. In the standard height of kitchen countertops, the pub style kitchen island should be above the height. It is important to make the bar stools fit the kitchen island well. The kitchen table in eat-in bar style is commonly made in about 42 inches of height.

Therefore, just make the kitchen table in the standard height to bring appropriate comfort and look at the kitchen island. You can purchase or customize the kitchen island with bar height kitchen table in taller or lower height based on your need and bar stools’ height.

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